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People Need To Learn The Differences Between "Rubber Bullets" And PepperBalls


Sigh. Info Wars incorrectly identifies and as a result, over-hypes a provoked response from Denver, Oakland PD against Occupy folks:

This is wrong. Rubber bullets are the last resort in riot control and absolutely not what was used in Denver or Oakland; to my knowledge both chiefs of police have denied the use of rubber bullets. What was used is this:

Some people get similar welts with paintball on the weekends for fun.

Other video shows protesters throwing objects at police before the police had to act to control the crowd.

[youtube 4TzP7BUDa34 nolink]

The lesson? Don’t assault the police by throwing objects at them and then claim brutality when they act to stop said behavior. Throwing things at cops and getting in trouble for it isn’t an infringement of speech. You can protest without resorting to that, or trying to posit a Kent State-esque story.

That the tea party has protested for three years without such an incident (and has done better in the elections with their growing influence as well) shows that peaceful protests can happen.


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