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Credit Where It's Due: New Media's Newest Scalp


Remember when AttackWatch launched?

The President’s new site aimed at fighting that with which they disagree collects anything negative written of the President — what it terms “smears.”

Now it’s completely silent and has been so for the past several months.

The push, which includes a website and a Twitter feed, received instant ridicule from conservatives and inspired a satirical introduction video that quickly went viral. The whole thing brought back memories of the Obama White House searching for “fishy” emails about Obamacare.

But it looks like the false attacks either aren’t coming in or haven’t been a priority.The Twitter feed has been silent now for nearly three weeks, and the website hasn’t been updated for the same amount of time.

The ridiculous of the endeavor spawned Misfit Politics, who ridiculed the initiative into oblivion with their viral video.

The Obama admin was forced to abandon their Orwellian Tattle-Tale Brigade because every joke made at its expense stripped away its legitimacy and effectiveness. It was brillant and comical all at once and a well-deserved victory for Misfit Politics and new media. Ridicule is a magnificent weapon.

May I suggest that you go support conservative new media and check out the merch counter over at their site. A couple of their wares made my Christmas list.


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