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Monday Crib Sheet: "Resist We Much" Hits Primetime; Are You A Racist If You Like Newt?


– SNL parodies “resist we much.”

Is it really a parody though if it’s indistinguishable from the original content?

– “Face the Nation” expands to one hour.

Television anchors and their mini me stand-ins. A cute art project.

– “Layoffs and cutbacks lead to a new world of news deserts” … or do they?

I had a discussion the other day about how new media, live media (i.e. Twitter) had taken the place of so much of our news diet. We were trying to recount the number of stories we first learned through traditional media. Neither of us could. Whether it was first learning about earthquakes, riots, scandals, we each learned of the biggest stories of the past couple of years via new media. Yet to hear the dying print newsies tell it, all of news is dying simple because of their lot in life. Look beyond your navel. Even in areas where governments cracked down on social media like Twitter, citizens still found a way around it with proxy servers and the like. News still leaked through the cracks, more urgently, grittier, and more immediate than the foreign correspondents, most of whom had been expelled from the country, to relay it.

– NYT shocked to discover that in 2011, some women anchors are working full time and juggling motherhood out in the open. How many male anchors are juggling fatherhood and work?

If you tolerate Newt Gingrich but dislike Barack Obama, are you a racist? Or do you jut think that Gingrich’s brand of beltway is less heinous than Obama’s brand of socialism?

– Aw: Georgia meteorologist gets a proposal live on air.


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