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Tuesday Crib Sheet: Chelsea's Debut; Crocodile Tears From The Press Set


– Do some fact-checking organization confirm liberal bias?

– Chelsea Clinton’s NBC debut:

– Roger Ailes is writing an autobiography.

– The ABC debate brought in big number for the network: 7.5+ million viewers.

– Journalists have the vapors and say that NYPD treats them unfairly, like in the video below.

[youtube oj_OEV-a3no nolink]

A photojournalist with the NYT gets into a verbal scuffle with a police officer. Am I supposed to feel sorry for the journalist? A journalist with the newspaper who treated the conservative grassroots movement worse? Looks like those years of defaming private citizens have incurred a not-so-fun karma. The chickens have come home to roost.

Wikipedia mulls over a blackout to oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act.

– The Washington Post slanders US military in a piece on Iraq.


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