Sunday Crib Sheet: Media Picks Its Candidate, CJR Irony


– And the media begins moving a little less discreetly to cram Mitt Romney down our throats:

Sara Murray of the Washington Wire asks: “Can tea partiers grow to love Mitt Romney?

Iowa’s Des Moines Register (dude) endorses Romney.

Why even hold a primary? It’s evident you cats have your candidate all selected, you apparently promised Nikki Haley the moon to get her endorsement, all you need now is Marco Rubio to bring that tugboat to shore. I’m not going to pretend that this man is the nominee and no one else stands a chance. He isn’t, and others do.

A new study predicts the death of newspapers in five years.

Media Matters gets epically owned after they trump up baseless attacks on others in an attempt to deflect for being called out on their growing antisemitism–and continual employment of writers who call Israel supporters “terrorists.”

– I almost choked on a Christmas cookie while reading this, considering the source:

While granting anonymity to sources is justifiable under certain circumstances, providing a candidate the opportunity to rebut criticism from his opponents while posing as one of his own aides does not meet any reasonable journalistic standard for the practice.

Yes, the same CJR that publishes Jay Rosen.

This guy.

[youtube qBFOmUXR080 nolink]

Chris Wallace in Playboy! Not like that.

Super classy Sheila Jackson Lee halts SOPA hearing because Steve King called her “boring.” It’s described as King’s Tweet which brought SOPA to a halt but it was actually Sheila Jackson Lee’s outburst which did it. I do disagree with Rep. King: I find Rep. Jackson Lee entertaining. Her déclassé demeanor makes the House livelier.

NBC partnering with Instagram:

Several NBC owned-and-operated stations have teamed up with to solicit viewer photos to use on-air and online. While the station sites have their own photo upload capability, the new partnership taps a thriving community of 15 million mobile phone photographers on Instagram.


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