BREAKING: CNN Suspends Roland Martin: WaPo, Politico Joined GLAAD's Censorship Crusade

***UPDATE: As expected, Politico’s Dylan Byers uses Martin’s suspension to once again admonish CNN for not “punishing” (his word) Erick Erickson and Dana Loesch.

Fascistic GLAAD wins another scalp.

Over the years, CNN’s Roland Martin has said some awfully outrageous stuff about Republicans and the Tea Party — and not on his Twitter feed, but on the air at CNN. He’s pretty much accused us of being everything  just short of Nazis due only to legitimate policy differences we’ve had with his precious Barack Obama. As a response, the left-wing speech police — who disguise themselves as “media watchdogs” — have never (according to memory and Google) put any pressure on CNN to have Martin fired, suspended, or reprimanded.  

And they shouldn’t. Martin has every right to be a racial demagogue, and CNN has every right to broadcast him. I don’t like the guy, but the thought of trying to silence him is anathema to everything I believe in. Unfortunately for Martin, the Washington Post and Politico aren’t big fans of the First Amendment and, as a result, just a few minutes ago it was reported that CNN has suspended Mr. Martin “for the time being.”

Martin’s sin? Tweeting a few childish jokes only a fascistic outlet like GLAAD could get away with pretending they are offended by. 

Martin’s mistake? Martin inadvertently stepped into a trap he probably didn’t know existed, and as a result he is now receiving an invaluable lesson about today’s politically-correct hierarchy, where gay trumps black. 

Naturally, media watchdogs who, in the past, have taken no issue with Martin’s race-baiting, are now into day three of their passive-aggressive censorship crusade that pushed CNN into taking the kind of action that puts another win in the column of GLAAD’s ongoing censorship crusade.  

Both the Washington Post, and by extension, our old friend at Politico, Dylan Byers (who is Media Matters’ bestest friend ever), just kept forcing the issue, even though Roland Martin apologized.






Because, and try not to laugh

CNN’s refusal to go on the record is starting to make a statement of its own. And it’s an ugly one: We don’t care about anti-gay violence.

Talk about bullying.

You see, when Martin is race-baiting the Right (on the air!), he’s a sacred cow. But when Martin’s having a few childish laughs that some sacred-er cow, like GLAAD, finds offensive, left-wing outlets like the Washington Post and Politico man their blacklist battle stations. 

In a right-side-up world, media watchdogs would be the primary defenders of free speech. But as we’re learning, especially with Byers, just the opposite is true. In reality and practice, they are speech-enforcers for the very worst and least tolerant on the left, and through this kind of pressure, intimidation and bullying, the goal is to regulate what people say, both on the air and off.

It just doesn’t it get any more un-American than this.


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