Monday Morning Crib Sheet: The Media Matters Bomb, ESPN and Sexism

– The Daily Caller drops a bomb on Media Matters for America. We learn MMfA head David Brock is a self-infatuated, paranoid hypocrite who has more bodyguards than fans (and apparently encourages an assistant to break gun laws), and what we knew is confirmed: MMfA is  more than a tax-exempt 501c(3), it’s a propaganda organization that leaks material to a number of media outlets who run it without question.

The bigger question is who did MMfA tick off that so many sources as of late are throwing them under the bus?

– Alan Dershowitz: Media Matters could cost Obama the election.

– The World Press Photo of the year winner announced. Thoughts in the comments?

I have one: if this male wasn’t a relative, would she get stoned?

– CBS proudly accepts AIM’s award, despite controversy.

– Idiotic: “CNN’s Roland Martin agrees to meet with GLAAD after homophobic tweets.” It’s idiotic because a joke about soccer and David Beckham’s under in no way suggests “gay violence.” This is a witch hunt. Martin is the victim here and GLAAD should be ashamed for forcing someone to issue an apology for something they emphatically did not do, and CNN should hold the line behind analysts and not cave to hysterical progressive groups.

– ESPN has a ‘complain about female commentators’ section? It’s not that we haven’t known of their double standards and sexismbefore.

– Sky News restricts employee Tweets.

While I understand the need for Sky News and other news organizations to make sure their message is unified, asking reporters, on the other hand, to clear their tweets through a central news desk defeats the purpose of using social media, which relies on the rapid dissemination of information.

Agreed. Not sure if this applies to employee-work accounts or personal accounts; if the latter then the request is completely out of line. Twitter is odd because personal and professional exist in the same space in the same manner and media outlets must acclimate to this instead of infringing on its employees’ speech.