Prominent Democratic Lawmakers, Lobbyists and Fundraisers to Celebrate at Media Matters

David Brock is a man who loves attention, especially when it’s him in the spotlight. So it’s of course no surprise that his Media Matters for America location in Washington DC will be host to a special celebration of the release of an anti-FOX News book he co-authored with MMFA Executive Vice President, Ari Rabin-Havt.

But more interesting than Brock are the headliner guests and the host committee.

Please join Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senator Al Franken, John Podesta, Anita Dunn, James Carville and Paul Begala for a cocktail reception celebrating the release of the must-read…  The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned A Network Into A Propaganda Machine.

That’s quite a roster for a book release.

  • The Hon. Elizabeth Bagley is one Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, a prominent Democratic fundraiser who was appointed ambassador to Portugal by President Bill Clinton.  She was also part of the national finance team for the 2008 Obama campaign, having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the campaign.  Her late husband, Smith W. Bagley, was heir to the R. J. Reynolds tobacco fortune and a former vice chairman of finance for the Democratic National Committee.  In 2009, the Bagleys raised$600,00 to help finance events celebrating the inauguration of President Obama.
  • Mary Pat Bonner is a principal with The Bonner Group, a well known Democratic political fundraising firm in Washington DC.
  • In addition to being the founder and managing partner of Hanover Investment Group and former Policy Director at the American Bankers Association, Rob Dugger is a donor member of the noted Democracy Alliance, which gave Media Matters its birth.  He is also active with a number of Democratic organizations.
  • Joe & Lynne Horning are prominent Washingtonians – Joe is a developer of low- and moderate-income housing and an advocate for homeless services, while his wife Lynn is a philanthropist for the arts and manages the Horning Family Fund.  Both are prominent Democratic fundraisers and campaign donors who are active in numerous non-profit and politically connected organizations.
  • Political strategist Susan McCue is President of Message Global LLC, “a strategic public affairs firm that advances progressive campaigns, global non-profit advocacy, grassroots activism and corporate social responsibility.”  She was also previously Chief of Staff for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).
  • Heather & Tony Podesta are longtime high profile Democratic lobbyists.  Tony is of course the brother of Center for American Progress founder and former White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta; the two founded lobbying firm, the Podesta Group.
  • Larry Scanlon is the political director for AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) labor union, which donated $4.5 million last election cycle, with 0% going to Republicans. AFSCME also paid Media Matters for “political activities,” according to a 2010 LM2 filing.  Of course, Media Matters is no stranger to AFSCME.

  • Kimball Stroud is a DC fundraiser, and a veteran of the Washington political and film arena and founder of the Impact Film Festival.
  • Rodell Mollineau is president of American Bridge 21st Century, the PAC that David Brock himself founded out of Media Matters.  American Bridge currently holds receipts in excess of $3.7 million.

Given those on that committee and the intermingling of notable funders, are we really looking at a book release?  Or a fund raiser?  If it’s a fundraiser, there are quite a few potential recipients here…Harry Reid, Al Franken, all the Democrats for whom these people work or lobby…or, Media Matters, David Brock, American Bridge, Obama… get the picture?

Given all the dirt the Daily Caller just dished on the questionable relationship between Media Matters, Brock, and the White House, as well as many media outlets, a little soiree to “celebrate” an anti-FOX book at the Media Matters office is good clean fun, right?

But Media Matters is just a “non-partisan 501c3.”  Look away.  Nothing to see here.