Mediaite's Tommy Christopher Defends Occupy Rape Deniers

 [Andrew Breitbart] doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the women who were raped. — Tommy Christopher

Apparently, Tommy Christopher has a very specific mission at Mediaite. Legitimate stories reported by Team Breitbart that expose the left and pick up steam are immediately targeted by Christopher. There’s an unmistakable pattern at work here, where on behalf of the left, Christopher’s job is to run interference, change the subject, change the narrative, deflect, parse, and create all the dishonest smoke he can. The pattern looks something like this: Facts be damned, full speed ahead — and then when proven wrong, Christopher just kind of stands there with his pants around his ankles.  

For example, after we proved the infamous Tea Party N-word incident was a lie, Mediaite had Christopher protect the Left … and thenmake a fool of himself. After we broke the Weiner-gate story, Mediaite had Tommy protect Anthony Weiner

The Under-Aged Participants That Add Clarity And Exoneration

…and then lecture the rest of us about sloppy journalism, and then make a laughingstock of himself with the most notable piece of sloppy journalism anyone’s seen in a long time.

Today, Tommy — We got him! We got him! — Christopher is at it again. Believe it or not, there’s something in his latest hit piece almost as dishonest as this: “[Andrew Breitbart] doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the women who were raped.”

First, we need to back up just a bit:

1. Based on nothing it did, and thanks to dishonest “journalists” like Christopher, the Tea Party has been smeared as “racist” due to a non-stop media narrative created from provable falsehoods.

2. Even though Occupy Wall Street is a movement that should be defined by its utter lawlessness, which has beenexhaustively documented to include theft, vandalism, trespassing, drug abuse, child abuse,  and more rapes and sexual assaults than you can imagine, the media refuses to define this Obama-endorsed movement based on hundreds of documented acts of criminality. And we all know why. See: endorsed, Obama

We all watch the news and we all know this is a fact and an injustice.

So last weekend, Andrew Breitbart’s at CPAC and a gang of Occupiers trespass on the grounds of the hotel where the conservative gathering takes place. With camera’s clicking, Breitbart did the only thing that’s in his DNA, and that was to stand up to and get in the face of these bullies. And from that, a media moment was born — a beautiful media moment where it has finally come to pass that some in the MSM are actually starting to acknowledge something they’ve intentionally ignored for months. But…

Because the corrupt MSM is the corrupt MSM, these well-documented sexual assaults are only being acknowledged in the most Orwellian of ways, and that’s to laughably deny the rapes ever took place.

Rape Deniers include Current TV’s Keith Olbermann (remember him?) and Cenk Uygur.


After some pushback on our part, Breitbart appeared on Uygur’s show yesterday, and since overwhelming evidence made it impossible for Uygur to continue denying these rapes took place, Uygur did what all leftists do when they want to distract from a losing issue — he changed the narrative.

Rather than condemn the rapes, Uygur now wants to change the narrative to how Breitbart is wrong about the media ignoring the rapes. This, of course, is an intentional way for Uygur to distract from something undeniable and indefensible happening within a group he publicly supports. Citing reports from ABC News and the Huffington Post, Uygur all but called Breitbart a liar for claiming no one’s talking about the rapes.

Now, Uygur is what he is. He’s a leftist. He’s supposed to lie and deflect. But Christopher enjoys playing Real Reporter and regularly puffs himself up as some kind of world-weary veteran who stands high atop the journalistic moral high-ground.  And yet, after watching the Bretibart/Uygur exchange, Christopher wrote the following:

In the second part of the interview, however, Uygur showed Breitbart several examples of the mainstream media covering the instances of rapes and sexual assaults at Occupy encampments. Breitbart tried to brush them off as “local media,” but Cenk gave examples from The Huffington Post, and one from ABC News that we cited here at Mediaite (another national site) when we reported on the sexual assaults.

If there was national media coverage of these incidents, then what did Breitbart mean when he said he wanted to “get people talking about the rapes?”

For starters, if Breitbart was wrong about the MSM “talking about” the rapes, why didn’t Uygur and Olbermann know about the rapes?


Secondly, Christopher understands the difference between “covering” something and “talking about” something. He understands the difference between “reporting” and a “narrative.” But here, he’s pretending he doesn’t.

Dutifully, one by one, members of the media have reported have reported on these sexual assaults and have just as dutifully refused to connect the dots. There has never been a narrative or any kind of national discussion about the ongoing sexual assaults at Occupy, and Christopher knows this. But what Christopher is doing is what Mediate always has him do, and that’s distract and deflect and write circles around an inconvenient truth.

As I write this, there is a criminal element gathered and gathering throughout our country. We have documented the criminality of Occupy, and as we saw as recently as last weekend at CPAC, they are still wantonly breaking the law.

But because Barack Obama has endorsed this movement and because this movement will be useful to  Obama securing a second term, it is dishonest leftists like Tommy Christopher who want to dismiss the criminality and, most especially, the sexual assaults, as old news.

It’s a simple, mercenary, morally indefensible, but effective trick: If Christopher and Uygur pretend the story of an organization that tolerates and covers up the sexual assault of women has already been litigated and exposed in the media, then there’s no reason to litigate and expose it in the media.

See how that works?

UPDATE: Oh look, Mediaite’s had Christopher do it twice in one day!