Bashir: If You Agree with Palin, You Should See My Psychiatrist

Bashir: If You Agree with Palin, You Should See My Psychiatrist

MSNBC and Martin Bashir yet again waged an hour-long war on former AlaskaGov. Sarah Palin by accusing Palinof “bragging” about being “checked out” by a fired secret service agent. 

Bashir said the terminated federal employee made Palin “relevant for a day” while ridiculing Palin for saying thatthe Secret Service scandal should not be brushed aside as another instanceof “boys being boys.”

Yet it was Bashir’s contemporaries in the mainstreammedia who againsensationalized a minor story about Palin, which would have gone unnoticed andunreported if it had been about any other female politician, in order to denigrate Palin. Of course, whilethe mainstream media says Palin is irrelevant, they know she is anything butand and that she gives shows, even ones like Bashir’s which hardly anyone watches, a bump in theratings.

First, some background.

Last Thursday, Palin wanted to talk about President Barack Obama’s failures onthe economy. But right before her scheduled appearance on FOX News’s “Onthe Record,” the media was abuzz with a story about a Secret Service agent — whowas fired for his actions in Colombia where Secret Service agents were caughtsoliciting prostitutes — who had once worked on Palin’s security detail. In 2008,while working to protect Palin, the agent had written on his Facebook page that he had been “checking out” Palin.

Because the story was dominating the mainstream media, Greta Van Susteren,host of “On the Record,” had to ask Palin for a comment.

Palin responded by saying the agent was “kind of ridiculous” by posting thosecomments and hoped that his wife would “kick his okol’e [Hawaiian for ‘butt’]” andsend him to the doghouse. Palin then pivoted and discussed how these weresymptoms of the broader systemic failures of leadership.

This was hardly bragging or even bringing more attention to an unfortunate 2008incident that involved her and went conveniently unreported until now.

But not to misogynists like Bashir and MSNBC.

Bashir commented, “So Mr. Chaney [the fired secret service agent], a thank youto you for opening our president up to blackmail at the hands of a Colombianprostitute, and for putting a stain on the reputation of the secret service, and, forat least a day, making Sarah Palin relevant.”

Bashir also said on this show that he thought Palin “barked up with a commentin regard to the Secret Service issue, where she also bragged about being ‘checkedout.'”

And, not to outdo even himself, Bashir said that liberal Karen Finney, who has repeatedlyand shamelessly played the race card to slander Republicans, had to see hispsychiatrist because she agreed with Palin that the Secret Service scandal couldnot be dismissed as just an incident of “boys being boys.”

It is worth noting that Bashir conceded to having a psychiatrist. And withhis recent segments on Palin, one can assume Bashir needs to make moreappointments with his shrink.

But it is important to recognize what the mainstream media and liberals likeBashir and MSNBC are doing to Palin.

By incessantly talking about the Secret Service agent’s Facebook comments, themedia is objectifying Palin as a “caribou Barbie” figure under the guise of falsesanctimony and outrage in order to reduce her to a piece of meat.

They do this because they are threatened by her ideas and the fact that she, unlikethem, is not for sale and plays by her own rules without kowtowing to convention. She embodies the antithesis of the corrupt Democrat media industrial complex and theculture of crony capitalism she has fought and dismantled in her political career.

But make no mistake, the incessant stories about the Facebook comments aboutPalin are a concession by the legacy media of not only how relevant Palin is butalso how threatened they are by her.

And in the case of Bashir and MSNBC, it is another example of their war onwomen.


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