Crown Heights Murder Victim’s Brother Speaks Out Against Sharpton, Obama

Crown Heights Murder Victim’s Brother Speaks Out Against Sharpton, Obama

Norman Rosenbaum has spoken out against MSNBC host Al Sharpton for his role in inciting the mob that murdered his brother, Jewish student Yankel Rosenbaum, in Crown Heights in 1991–and has criticized President Barack Obama for associating with Sharpton.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News from Australia, Rosenbaum said:

Sharpton’s blatant lies, distortions and hypocrisy, particularly in regard to his role in the Crown Heights Riots, continue regretfully, in large part, to be condoned and/or ignored by the media, politicians and business (MSNBC) alike. As you are no doubt aware, twenty-eight of the mob that attacked and murdered my brother Yankel have never been brought to justice, and unlike Sharpton my family remains committed to ensuring that there is comprehensive Justice for Yankel, notwithstanding the passage of time.

Breitbart News reported late last week that Sharpton had denied his role in inciting the riots–an allegation instantly disputed by a spokesperson for the Rosenbaum family, who asked: “Why does MSNBC keep on compensating a racist like that?”

Rosenbaum said that he cannot understand how Sharpton has been allowed into the mainstream of American political discourse–and why he is taken seriously:

In my experience, which no doubt is not as extensive as others, I have never seen a person be able to avoid being held accountable in substantive terms for his various and significant serious otherwise well publicized misdeeds over such a prolonged period of time, as Sharpton. This is truly an indictment on all those who have done so in the past and continue to do so.

Rosenbaum also had choice words for President Obama:

The fact that Sharpton is made welcome by President Obama is a disgrace and highlights a serious character flaw in the President. The President is wrong for doing so and the message he sends in doing so is dangerous. Make no mistake about it–Al Sharpton is a racist, an old fashioned bigot, who craves the media limelight and will do and say anything to draw the attention of the media to him.

Sharpton, and Obama, have both been outspoken in the Trayvon Martin killing, for which George Zimmerman is now on trial. Sharpton in particular spun the issue as a racially-motivated killing, and has succeeded in driving that divisive–and thus far unsubstantiated–narrative through MSNBC and the mainstream media.


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