WaPo Caves: Finally Notes Correction on Romney Hit-Piece

WaPo Caves: Finally Notes Correction on Romney Hit-Piece

The corrupt Washington Post has a pretty sordid history when it comes to sneaking corrections into its discredited hit-pieces. Late last year, I caught the outlet memory-holing lies in a hit-piece on Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Late last night my indispensable colleague, Dana Loesch, caught them doing it again with their latest fiasco, the factually-challenged hit-piece they ran yesterday on presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney:

On Thursday, Breitbart’s Retracto, the Correction Alpaca asked the Washington Post to correct its anti-Mitt Romney hit piece wherein it included an inaccurate and misleading statement about his past. The error was exposed when Stu White contradicted WaPo’s reporting in an interview with ABC.

The publication reported that White had “long been bothered” by the Romney bullying incident, when in fact, he wasn’t witness to it, and wasn’t aware of the story until contacted by the Washington Post. The Post changed its piece after we made our request without informing its readers of the change.

Though the Post has much more to answer for with this piece, obviously under pressure from New Media, sometime today the following was snuck into the bottom of yesterday’s smear:

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story reported that White “has long been bothered” by the Lauber incident. White later clarified in a subsequent interview that he has been disturbed by the incident since he learned of it several weeks ago from a former classmate, before being contacted by The Washington Post.

The same Washington Post  whose dogged and brilliant reporting was once responsible for the resignation of a corrupt president has now become itself corrupt. Misinformation, the memory-holing of mistakes, and the timing of hit-pieces to dovetail with White House messaging is the work of hacks, not legends.

No one can take your credibility from you, you can only give it away.


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