Current TV's New Hire: Would Be 'Cool' If Romney's House Burned Down

Current TV executives must be having second thoughts about their latest hire.

The ultra-low rated news outlet announced this week it will be giving over precious air time each weekday to far-left comedian/pundit Joy Behar come September.

The “View” mainstay has said plenty of regrettable things in the past, but less than 24 hours after joining Current TV she’s already let loose with a new, mean-spirited gaffe.

Newsbusters reports Behar told an interviewer from Mediaite that she thinks it would be “kind of cool” if one of Mitt Romney’s houses burned down.

MEDIAITE: He was making fun of the President for wanting to hire more policemen and firemen and teachers saying, you know, “Didn’t he get the message of Wisconsin that we want less government?”

BEHAR: Oh, less government? That is an idiotic statement. Can I just say that?


BEHAR: I mean, I’d like to see his house burn, one of his millions of houses burning down. It would be kind of cool – the Mormon fire patrol.

Behar previously described Sarah Palin’s electoral map featuring cross hair imagery as “an al Qaeda Christmas card,” but Behar apparently doesn’t mind wishing for a presidential candidate’s home to be incinerated by fire.

Is this really the image Current TV wants to project as it tries to bring more eyeballs to the network? Or, perhaps, this is precisely what they had in mind?


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