Scarborough Bashes 'Cheetos' Eating Online Journalists

This morning on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough launched into a tirade about “cheeto-eating” bloggers, suggesting that they should “shut up,” and that they were irrelevant to the political debate:

“You know, you can go online and act like a jackass and say what you want to say. And now everybody is calling Jeb Bush a RINO. Just shut the hell up …

“You can stay in your mother’s basement, you can eat your Cheetos, you can type on your dirty laptop, that’s all you got. But you are not the future of the Republican Party, so keep screaming at your walls downstairs, your day is done.”

The attack was a thinly-veiled assault on conservative journalistic websites like Breitbart, which does not accept the premises and manipulation of the mainstream media, and believes in the innate power of citizen journalists to keep their leaders, both in government and in the media, honest. Scarborough clearly doesn’t like the pressure he and MSNBC have received from those on the other side of the political aisle, and his distaste for non-elite journalism could not highly more clearly what the media thinks of the American people.

We will not submit to the bully tactics of those like Scarborough. The fact that they’re whining shows that we’re winning. Our day is far from done. And Scarborough’s is coming to a quick and deserved close.


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