BuzzFeed Wins 'Dishonest Headline of Day' with Bain Attack

BuzzFeed Wins 'Dishonest Headline of Day' with Bain Attack

BuzzFeed Politics’ Zeke Miller, the guy who stalks the Romney family while they are on vacation, served this whopper up a few minutes ago, complete with a huge photograph of Mitt Romney:

Bain & Co. Employed “Director Of Outsourcing”

The phony story then goes on to pose as journalism uncovering the story behind Bain’s “Director of Outsourcing” position and Romney’s history with the company.

Then, in the second to the last paragraph, we’re finally told… nevermind:

Romney was not at Bain & Co. nor Bain Capital in 2004, but the job title offers a glimpse of how the two companies approached outsourcing and offshoring — practices which have come under intense attack by President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies.

See what the BenSmithers did there?

It’s called burying the lead and hoping people only read the headline, see the photograph, and don’t read all the way though.

Oh, and don’t forget that BuzzFeed Politics poses as an “objective” news outlet.



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