Exclusive – Richard Grenell Responds to BuzzFeed Reporter's Anti-Gay Attack

Exclusive – Richard Grenell Responds to BuzzFeed Reporter's Anti-Gay Attack

In an exclusive to Breitbart News, Richard Grenell, the former foreign policy spokesman for Mitt Romney, released this statement concerning Michael Hastings, the BuzzFeed Politics’ reporter who mocked Grenell’s masculinity on Twitter earlier today:

Unfortunately, I’m used to the liberals’ intolerance toward gay conservatives. They are supportive of you as long as you think like they do. You should see the hate mail I get from the tolerant crowd. It no longer phases me, though, I try and stay focused on the serious issues our country is facing. What is still surprising is the main stream media’s inability to call it out. Their hypocrisy is noticed and their credibility is affected because citizen journalists no longer let them get away with it. It’s the AndrewBreitbart effect: If you see something, say something. Groups like GLAAD are no longer effective because they stay silent when the left attacks gay conservatives. It’s also why unions and the NAACP are losing their grip too. Social media has forced the faux leaders from their thrones. The rank and file are realizing that the self-appointed ones don’t speak for them.

Grenell added this regarding BuzzFeed Politics specifically:  

BuzzFeed has a real credibility issue with Hastings covering Obama. Ben Smith has multiple reporters passionately going after Mitt – which is part of the game, I get it, no complaining here. But the one guy Ben has covering Obama turns out to be a Rolling Stone staffer who is a champion of the left. I suspect Ben realizes it now and will undoubtedly have to make a change soon.

As of now, BuzzFeed Politics’ Editor-In-Chief, Ben Smith (pictured), has only commented about his employee’s behavior on Twitter with jokes and dismissive comments. However, when anti-gay attacks were directed at Mr. Grenell from conservatives, BuzzFeed Politics found that troubling enough for a feature piece critical of Mitt Romney.

For some reason, though, Smith has no problem with his own employee questioning/mocking Mr. Grenell’s masculinity.  

Chris Barron, co-founder of GOProud, also weighed in on Twitter:


Had I or any other conservative tweeted what Mr. Hastings did to, say, Anderson Cooper, not only would it have been just as despicable, but the media would be crucifying us right now. 

But Mr. Grenell isn’t considered a “gay man” by people like Hastings and Ben Smith and the mainstream media.

He’s considered an apostate — and therefore fair game.


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