Media Fail: Only 46% of Voters Want Romney to Release More Tax Returns

Media Fail: Only 46% of Voters Want Romney to Release More Tax Returns

Polls and the behavior of the Obama campaign show that the unceasing attacks on Romney’s business record have not only failed to hurt Romney but have probably backfired on the President, hurting the only thing keeping him alive — his favorability ratings.

This has to be heartbreaking to Obama’s Media Palace Guards, who have worked tirelessly to aid and abet Obama’s mission to toxify Mitt Romney into someone the American people will not accept as an acceptable alternative to a failed president. All that work and all that soul-selling, it’s Obama who ends up in even more electoral danger than he was before.

Well, I have more bad news for the corrupt media. In a new poll released  yesterday, it appears as though the months-long push to make Americans incurably curious about Romney’s tax returns has failed as hard as the Bain attacks:

[J]ust one-third of voters rate Romney’s tax returns as even somewhat important to how they will vote.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters think Romney’s release of his tax returns for 2010 and 2011 are enough. The identical number (46%) feels the Republican challenger should release more of his tax returns from earlier years.

 And let’s all stop now and give who those one-third and 46% might be a real hard think.

Like John McCain, Mitt Romney has agreed to release two-years worth of tax returns — by law he is not required to release any. Romney has already provided a full accounting of his financial dealings — which he is required to do by law.  

The real story here is how the media has absolutely failed to make this any kind of issue with 54% of voters and hardly an issue with 67%.

People just don’t trust the media anymore and they understand instinctually that handing six feet of oppo-research to proven liars in the corrupt media and the Obama campaign is not only stupid tactically but that it will also not shed any light on Romney.  Both the media and Obama will only distort and twist this information, which only serves their ambitions, not the public interest.

Romney was not only wise to stand firm on this issue, it makes him look strong to have weathered this storm and come out on top.


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