Media Yawns as Obama Launches Another Flagrantly Dishonest Attack Ad

Media Yawns as Obama Launches Another Flagrantly Dishonest Attack Ad

One way to immediately put your opponent on defense is to simply lie about him. It automatically forces him into a crouch and therefore you win — especially if you’re never held accountable for your lies. This is the tactic Obama and his Chicago Crew have been deploying against Romney for weeks now — telling bald-faced lies about Romney’s business career.

Independent media fact-checkers have even told us the Obama campaign isn’t telling the truth about Romney’s business record, and still no media outlet has yet shown the moral courage to make Obama pay a political price for all this lying. All the corrupt media can do is stand back in awe at how effective these dishonest attacks are.

Obviously emboldened by the corrupt media’s dereliction of duty, the Obama campaign has just released another attack ad that tells yet another bald-faced lie. Emphasis mine:

A female narrator chimes in: “Romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception and Romney supports overturning Roe vs. Wade. Romney backed a bill that outlawed all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.”

Both Politifact and the Washington Post have been good enough to point out that this ad lies about Romney — that in fact he is in favor of exceptions in cases of rape and incest…

Politifact rates the abortion claim as “Pants on Fire,” noting that Romney does support exceptions for rape and incest in abortion bans. He has endorsed a constitutional amendment that declares that life begins at conception, and fetuses must be protected accordingly. However, recent versions of that amendment allow for abortions in cases of rape or incest. Other “human life” legislation makes no such exceptions.

…but where’s the uproar? Where’s the media demanding the President of the United States tell the truth?

If Romney tried something like this, he’d be getting killed. Oh, wait, Romney gets killed for telling the truth. Right now, in fact, the media is desperately attempting to spin Obama out of his “You didn’t build that” trouble by claiming that, by quoting Obama, the Romney campaign is taking him out of context.  

But, gee, it is awfully nice of the Washington Post and Politifact to dutifully report that the President is lying AGAIN, but it’s all meaningless until the media decides to do more than simply inform us on page 14C.

But they don’t want to inform us. This is how they shield the President and allow him to get away with lying while giving themselves cover that they did report it.

Shills, the whole lot of them.


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