Media Launches Preemptive 'Fact-Check' Strike on Romney Speech

Media Launches Preemptive 'Fact-Check' Strike on Romney Speech

Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post’s  dishonest fact-checker, somehow found yet another shark to jump today. As if to prove the era of fact-checking is over, as if to prove that no amount of satire can begin to adequately come close to the clownish reality of these appallingly biased fact-checkers — today Kessler fact-checked Romney’s convention acceptance speech 10 hours before Romney is scheduled to give it.

This is not an “Onion” parody or me trying to be funny or prove an earlier point. This is Kessler’s actual headline:

Previewing the ‘Facts’ In Mitt Romney’s Acceptance Speech

The details of Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night are not known, but he’s been road-testing various claims about President Obama’s record for months. Here are five dubious assertions that he frequently makes on the campaign trail or in his campaign advertisements. (Republicans, no worries! We will also do this exercise for Obama next week.)

“No worries?”  Does Kessler think he can buy us like he’s been bought? Does Kessler think we’re going to be content with this just because he’s going to do something just as irresponsible, unprofessional, and immoral to Obama? And does Kessler think for a single moment we believe Obama won’t be let off the hook?

To his credit, though, somehow, the very same Kessler who called Romney a liar for stating a president who didn’t visit Israel didn’t visit Israel, was able to control himself and not preemptively award Romney Pinocchios for something he hasn’t yet said. But what Kessler is doing here is even more sinister and corrupt.

This feckless, impotent little fact-checker is bullying Romney, putting him on notice and threatening him. Kessler’s firing a warning shot across Romney’s bow with the message: “You cannot say this stuff because I have deemed it untrue. And if you do, I will call you a liar.”

This isn’t journalism; this is extortion. And “lie” is nothing more than the new word the corrupt media uses to describe any and all effective attacks launched against Their Precious One.

This is also naked desperation from a dying media institution that can feel its influence drain every waking moment of every waking day.

This is also Obama’s Media Palace Guards throwing poop because they’ve run out of the ammunition marked CrazyRapeApologizerAkin TaxReturnFelonAkin BainCaymanIslandMormonFreakAkin.

So all these dying, feckless, desperate mainstream media types have left is to run naked in the middle of the town square to shake their fists and rage like lunatics at that which hasn’t even happened yet.

The best part is that it’s all for naught.

Day after day, before our very eyes, we are witnessing the media Kamikazee their integrity against the truth for a guy who’s going to lose.


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