Day 2: Watchdogging the Corrupt Media's Convention Coverage

Day 2: Watchdogging the Corrupt Media's Convention Coverage

Tony Lee, Warner Todd Huston, and I will live-blog tonight’s biased media coverage courtesy of our hopeless, shameless corrupt media. Broadcast television cable television, the Web and social media are all on our radio and should also be on yours.

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11:31 — Wolf Blitzer: ‘The Greatest Speech I Have Ever Heard Bill Clinton Deliver’

David Gergen and Anderson Cooper joined the orgy of hyperbole.

11:00 — ABC News Buys and Sells Obama’s Smaller Speech Venue Spin

Scott Pelley opened ABC’s convention coverage regurgitating the Democrat claim that they canceled the big stadium acceptance speech because of “thunderstorms in the forecast.”

But the forecast is now only a 20% chance of rain on Thursday.

Many feel that the speech was canceled outdoors not because of weather but because the democrats were having trouble filling the big stadium and Obama didn’t want to give an acceptance speech to a half empty venue.

Pelly just bought the spin.

10:50 — CBS Ignores Obama’s Gutting of Work Requirements In Welfare Law — Tony Lee

CBS spent nearly ten minutes talking about Bill Clinton and Barack Obama without mentioning how Obama gutted the work requirements in the Welfare Reform Act, which was Clinton’s signature domestic achievement. The General Accounting Office yesterday said Obama did change the rules, which means the Obama administration lied to the media when they claimed they made no significant changes in the law. The mainstream does not want to discuss the very obvious tension and disconnect that exists between Obama and Clinton, especially when it comes to welfare reform a week after they tried to play up divisions between Ron Paul supporters and Republicans at the RNC. And they sure as heck do not want to fact-check Obama or any Democrat, for that matter.

10:45 — CBS, ABC Ignore Warren’s Lies About Native American Heritage — Tony Lee

Throughout the election, the mainstream media has made “trust” a big issue. They have tried to frame Mitt Romney as someone who has a lot of things to hide, including his tax returns. They have painted Romney as a phony, and unworthy of the trust of Americans. They have tried to play a similar game with Paul Ryan, trying to undercut his authenticity.

By the mainstream media’s standards, nothing that comes out of Elizabeth Warren’s mouth tonight should be taken seriously. Warren has disqualified herself from being taken seriously or asking for the trust of voters by having lied about her Native American heritage and being caught red-handed.

And yet, the mainstream media who obsess about Paul Ryan’s misstated marathon time and build it up as a disqualifying character flaw and scandal give Warren a pass on lying about her ethnicity and using those lies to move up the ranks in academia that thirsts for “diversity,” even if that “diversity” is astroturfed and even if that diversity is really faux-diversity.

Democrats have often spoken about fairness tonight, but what is fair about a white person who cheated whites and minorities by falsely claiming Native American heritage to advance her career? And what’s fair about her not being held to account by a mainstream media obsessed like prosecutors with politicians or, rather, Republicans who have even the most minor of discrepancies in any account they tell in public?

10:40 — Schieffer Loves Him Some Michelle and Bubba — Warner Todd Huston

Just ahead of Bill Clinton’s address to the convention, CBS’s Bob Schieffer waxed nostalgic over the election of Bill Clinton saying, it was quite a thing. Schieffer then gushingly noted that Bill Clinton was the most popular figure in democrat politics, “next to Michelle Obama.”

10:36 — CNN Says Nothing About Elizabeth Warren Lying About Her Indian Heritage

Unless I missed it, this is a total cover up.

9:16 — CNN’s Gloria Borger Actually Challenged Nancy Pelosi On Her Lie That Romney Would End Medicare

Fact: Romney will not touch Medicare for anyone 55 years of age or older.

Fact: Romney will offer seniors 55 or older a CHOICE between a voucher and Medicare as we know it today.

Fact: Obama steals three-quarters of a billion dollars from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare.

Fact: Nancy Pelosi is a godforsaken liar.

9:10 — Cover Up: ABC News Ignores Extreme DNC Abortion Platform — Tony Lee

ABC News Jon Karl allows California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein to talk endlessly about the Republican war on women and how extreme Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are when it comes to women’s issues. Feinstein implies Republicans will take America back to the days when women got back alley abortions in Tijuana or committed suicide when they got pregnant and could not get abortions. Boxer says Democrats will continue to exploit the “gender gap.” Karl does not ask either Senator whether late-term abortions, which Democrats support in their platform, may be extreme as well.

9:06 — Cover Up: CNN Has Yet To Mention ‘Cherokee-Gate’ About ‘Rising Star’ Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren is still dealing with the scandal of her seemingly false claims of Cherokee ancestry, but CNN has thus far refused to mention this as part of her resume or campaign. She’s being called a “rising star” and a fighter for consumer rights.

This is pure cover up.

8:43 — DNC Chiefs Wasserman Schultz and Gaspard Cancel Interviews After Platform Fiasco

Politico’s Dylan Byers:

Democratic National Committee chiefs Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Patrick Gaspard cancelled interviews with local media outlets tonight, amid controversy surrounding the party’s decision to reintroduce “God” and “Jerusalem” to the platform.

Jon Ralston, host of the Las Vegas-based “Face To Face” news program, told POLITICO that he was sitting in the chair waiting for a 2:45 p.m. PT (5:45 p.m. ET) interview with Gaspard when he was told that his guest had cancelled, without explanation.

Blair Miller of WSOC TV, ABC’s Charlotte, N.C., affiliate, also tweeted that Wasserman Schultz cancelled her interview with him, without explanation. “After my Romney intv today, we were planning to interview @DWSTweets live,” he wrote. “However, she did not show up. Her staff not answering calls.”

Byers also mentions the lies Wasserman Schultz told to CNN earlier tonight.

8:26 — Piers Morgan Embarrasses Himself Sucking Up To Eva Longoria

Does Piers Morgan work for CNN or “Entertainment Tonight?” Longoria is an activist spouting political opinions and he didn’t even come close to challenging her or asking her a tough question. Just softballs like, “What did you think of Clint Eastwood?” and “What did you think of the Republicans extreme platform on abortion?”

8:20 — PBS Panel Agrees Obama Could’ve Filled Bank of America Stadium — Ezra Dulis

PBS anchor Mark Shields explained the change of venue for Obama’s DNC acceptance speech was spurred by concern for the common man, not fear of embarrassment from an unfilled stadium. Shields speculated Obama is wary about the “disconnect” created by the optics of a speech in a rowdy stadium full of 70,000 people. Yes, he assumes that the full stadium would’ve been filled. Co-anchor David Brooks agreed with this explanation.

8:18 — CBS News Puts Best Spin Possible On ‘God/Jerusalem’ Fiasco – Tony Lee

CBS’s Nancy Cordes did mention there were “loud boos” before Democrats adopted changes in the platform to put “God” in addition to language that stated Jerusalem is Israel’s capital in it. She did not mention, though, that rank-and-file Democrats booed these changes vociferously during and after they were adopted because they did not want these these changes.
In fact, DNC Chair Antonio Villaraigosa conducted three voice votes and when he could not get two-thirds of those on the floor to say “aye” in approval of the changes, he just “deemed” the changes to be passed. The delegates booed because this was in violation of the DNC rules. CBS News also did not even make note how extreme a party is that does not include “God” once in its platform and then boos when the party tries to rectify the omission. This is the same network that has been all too quick to paint Republicans as being extremists on everything from immigration, Social Security, Medicare, and pro-life isses.

8:00 — ABC News Compares Ann Romney and Michelle Obama’s Dresses in Class Warfare-Baiting Segment – Tony Lee

ABC News runs a segment on Michelle Obama’s J.Crew dress. Michelle Obama has effectively used J.Crew to come across as the average housewife. When Michelle Obama sports something from J.Crew, the site crashes and sells out of whatever she wore, which creates more buzz, which allows more people to associate “commoner” Michelle with J.Crew.
So what does ABC News do after Mrs. Obama’s speech?
They profile her J.Crew dress (what other dress would she wear when her husband is on the ropes?) and politicize it by comparing it to Ann Romney’s more expensive dress.
Message: Michelle is just like you. And Ann is a snooty, clueless, out of touch person disconnected from all reality who is NOT like you.
ABC News (or Entertainment Tonight? .. I’m not sure what I’m watching), reports Michelle Obama’s dress cost $500, which is still very expensive. They mention Ann Romney wore an Oscar De La Renta dress during her speech that cost $2000.
They make no mention of Michelle Obama having been photographed with $1000 purses and $7000 jackets.

So, riddle me this: Ann Romney is beyond wealthy so she can afford her dress. Michelle Obama, though, gave a speech yesterday in which she painted herself as the common woman … so could a case not be made that Michelle Obama is spending beyond her means (?), if we want to play this game. Could this not be a metaphor for the way her husband spends taxpayer monies?

7:54 — Debbie Wasserman Schultz Blatantly Lies To CNN Because She Knows She Can

Wasserman-Schultz lied her shameless ass off on CNN just now, telling an interviewer there was a two-thirds vote to change the “God and “Jerusalem” language in the platform (there wasn’t), there was “no discord” during the vote (there was), and that there really wasn’t a language change (there was).

This is the second time today Wasserman Schultz has been caught telling a blatant lie to the media and just a few minutes after smearing Paul Ryan as having a “credibility problem,” the only indignation the CNN panel could manage was for Anderson Cooper to say she “lives in an alternate universe.”

Wasserman Schultz lie to CNN because she knows she can get away with it … and she did.

7:42 — After Ryan Interview, CNN Kills Themselves To Lie About Obama Gutting Welfare

All Ryan said in his Piers Morgan interview is that Obama “watered down” welfare reform. But that was all the The Most Trusted Name In Obama-shilling Network needed as a pretext to have Erin Burnett and some other guy go off on a long-winded rant to protect Obama from the fact that he has opened the door to gutting the historic 1996 welfare reform bill.

Actually, this wasn’t shilling on CNN’s part — I take that back — it was outright lying.

7:40 — Piers Morgan Says Ryan Has To Be Careful About His Credibility

After Piers Morgan spent most of his interview with Paul Ryan trying to get the VP nominee to admit people are better off now than when that evil George Bush left office, afterwards Morgan pretty much told Wolf Blitzer that Ryan is picking up a reputation for being dishonest and that he needs to be careful.

Of course there was no mention that this “reputation” has been completely fabricated by a media that like a good dog, does what Obama tells them to do. If you recall, it was Wolf Blitzer who, seconds (literally) after Ryan’s speech ended, was screaming over the applause in the hall, “The fact-checkers are going to have to take a look at this!”

7:38 — CBS Extols Virtues of Obama’s Federal Government Job Training Program- Tony Lee

CBS evening news profiled a blue collar worker, the type of Reagan Democrat who represents the heart and soul of this country. This voter has all the makings of the undecided voter. After CBS profiles this worker — the segment had a lot about job retraining — CBS runs a graphic that shows Obama would fund job retraining programs. The next graphic says Romney would also fund retraining programs but would “shift the burden to states and private companies.”

CBS’s message is simple to its viewers: Obama, despite presiding over an economy in shambles, cares about jobs. And Romney doesn’t. And the federal government does a better job of retraining workers. And please do not consume any other types of media.

7:30 — CBS News Pretnds Obama’s Bank of America Speech Was Sold Out – Tony Lee

CBS Evening News profiles Obama supporters who waited for hours in lines that snaked for blocks to make it seem like there was more demand for tickets to Bank of America Stadium than there was. They made no mention of the tickets that the Obama campaign were giving away. The Obama campaign so desperately wanted to fill the stadium that even mischievous Republicans were able to get tickets.

7:21 — MSNBC Panel FREAKING Over Dems Caving On God and Israel

Even MSNBC knows that what happened today with the platform change is a disaster, and while I normally don’t care what the openly partisan media is talking about, it is fun to see the panic in Rachel Maddow’s eyes and hear Alex Wagner rage against Dems caving in favor of Israel.

In other news, Alex Wagner and Rachel Maddow are in the same room which should end speculation they are the same person but not the speculation that they’re both wrong about everything and insufferably smug.

7:08 — NBC’s Chuck Todd Laughs off Democrats Booing God and Israel

The same race-baiting Chuck Tood who accused the GOP of tokenizing their non-white conventioneers for the cameras, just told the story of the embarrassing spectacle we saw today where Democrats weren’t able to get two-thirds of their delegates to vote in favor of God and Israel.

Todd’s demeanor in telling the story was to try and minimize the political impact of what it all means and to wrist-flick it as a silly distraction. This is how the media is able to say they dutifully report something but avoid turning it into a damaging narrative.

From all accounts, Chuck Todd goatee — which a source tells me, smells like baby oil and broccoli — appeared to agree wholeheartedly with this approach.

7:00 — CNN’s Anderson Cooper Asks If ‘God’ and ‘Jerusalem’ Will Distract Tonight

As with all distractions, it’s up to the media what distract. We’ll see how much CNN chooses to cover the extraordinary event of Democrat delegates booing and voting down God and Israel. 

6:47 — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: ‘Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night!’ — Tony Lee

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, when speaking to Brooke Baldwin, raised the curtain on the mainstream media’s coverage and most likely spoke on behalf of the mainstream media when the inner Will.I.Am, the Obama super fan, in him said, “Tonight’s gonna be a good night.” Enough said.

6:25 — Piers Morgan Twists, Folds, Mangles ‘Four Year” Question To Get Answer He Wants

In a hilarious back and forth between Wolf Blitzer and Piers Morgan, two of Obama’s dumbest but most loyal media shills, Morgan spoke at length about his interview with Paul Ryan. While telling the story, both of these Obama-worshippers practically twisted their mustaches with glee over how some convoluted question Morgan came up with supposedly flummoxed Ryan.

Overall, though, both Morgan and Blitzer were desperate to press the idea that Obama has indeed left us better off after four years. Blitzer then piled on with a damning indictment of George W. Bush’s deficits as though Obama’s RECORD deficits don’t even exist.

Then Piers suggested Americans ask the famous “four year” question in a way Obama could come out the winner: “Are you better off then you were after the first year of the Obama presidency.”

All I saw for the three days of the Romney convention was these two and most of the CNN crew HAMMER Romney and deflect for Obama. Now, during the Obama convention, CNN is doing the exact same thing — hitting Romney and protecting Obama.



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