Obama Shops Hypocritical Hit Against Romney's Tax Evading Associates

Obama Shops Hypocritical Hit Against Romney's Tax Evading Associates

If we weren’t sure last week that the  Obama campaign is embarrassed by President Obama’s gaffe-tastic Univision interview, we can be sure now. In a desperate effort to knock some of the momentum Mitt Romney’s excellent Univision appearance garnered for the GOP nominee, a source tells me that the Obama campaign is currently shopping around a Univision-inspired hit-piece on Romney to various left-wing outlets, including “Mother Jones.”

Here’s the torrid tale:

Fausto and Remedios Diaz-Oliver are longtime players in GOP politics as fundraisers and boosters. Sometime in the late nineties, they both ran into problems with the I.R.S. and in a plea agreement, she pled guilty to two misdemeanors as an accessory after the fact and he pled guilty to a felony. Neither served any jail time.

Okay, here comes the bad part…

At the Univision forum, Mitt Romney said hello to both of them.

Pause here for a gasp and egads.

Terrible, isn’t it — that a decade-plus after they’ve paid their debt to society, Mitt Romney would not only forgive them but acknowledge their presence in public! Worse still, she serves on one of his steering committees.

Forgiveness? Second chances? Who does Mitt Romney think he is — a follower of Christ, or something?

But this does say something about Romney’s judgment that should give us all pause.

After all, what if Romney were to make a tax cheat his Treasury Secretary?

Oh, wait

But what if Romney were to use tax evaders as examples to push his own tax plan?

Oh, wait

Well, what if Romney were to bring a bunch of tax evaders into his administration?

Oh, wait

Remove Obama’s breathtaking hypocrisy and this hit is still a standalone stupid story. What’s the statute of limitations on  forgiveness? When do we allow people to go on with their lives after paying their debt?  If Mr. and Mrs. Diaz-Oliver are to always and forever be treated a pariahs and tax evaders, then I guess it’s okay to always and forever treat President Obama as a stoner and cocaine abuser.

The sad fact is that the Obama campaign is so certain that the corrupt media won’t hold them to the same standard as Romney, that they just chum the waters with  this nonsense safe in the knowledge that the same lapdogs who won’t hold them accountable for lying last week about the assassination of our ambassador in Libya, will try to have a field day with this stupid and wildly hypocritical anti-Romney story.  

Campaigns are campaigns — always looking for advantage. You can’t really blame Team Obama. The fact, though, that the Obama campaign knows they can shop something so stupid without the entire media-complex laughing in its face is the real story here — a story that says a whole lot more about the state of our modern-day media than decade-old sins and those who forgive them.


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