Media Roundup: MSM Trumpets Skewed Polls to Tilt Ohio Early Voting

Media Roundup: MSM Trumpets Skewed Polls to Tilt Ohio Early Voting

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To Help Democrats, the Media’s Been Lying About Swing State Polls Since 1980

How Carter Beat Reagan:

So what do we have here?

What we have is the liberal “paper of record” systematically presenting the 1980 Reagan-Carter election in 9 “Crucial States” as somehow “close” in five of the nine — Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Florida and Michigan. New York was in the bag for Carter. Only in his own California and New Jersey was Reagan clearly leading.

The actual results had only New York “close” — with Reagan winning by 2. Reagan carried every other “close” state by a minimum of 6 points and as much 17 — Florida. Florida, in fact, went for Reagan by a point more than California and about 4 more than New Jersey.

How could the New York Times — its much ballyhooed polling data and all of its resulting stories proclaiming everything to be “close” — been so massively, continuously wrong? In the case of its “Crucial States” — nine out of nine times?

Remember, in order to buy today’s media polling, you have to believe Romney has shored up his base and is winning Independents, but still losing because Obama’s going to match or best the extraordinary party advantage he enjoyed during the perfect storm of 2008.

Poll apologists just say they believe the polls. What they’re really saying, though, and can’t defend, is that during a bad economy and all the Middle East unrest, Obama’s going to win a record turnout advantage.


Was Politico’s Roger Simon Really Attempting Satire Or Just Caught Spreading Lies?

You want to know what I think might have happened here? I think Simon might have gotten snookered by a source, and after the story fell apart, he was left with the last resort of, “Just kidding!”

There is nothing in Simon’s piece that in any way screams satire, and his use of the word “reportedly” almost ensures he didn’t mean for it to be taken as satire:

Though Ryan had already decided to distance himself from the floundering Romney campaign, he now feels totally uninhibited. Reportedly, he has been marching around his campaign bus, saying things like, “If Stench calls, take a message” and “Tell Stench I’m having finger sandwiches with Peggy Noonan and will text him later.”

The usual suspects all believed and ran with the story, including Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Krugman.

Ace of Spades writes:

Now, Roger Simon’s piece wasn’t funny, and I’m not sure what the hell an untrue thing (which also is not funny) is doing in a non-humor reportage piece. But he did tip off readers by including something which is too implausible to be true, to wit, that Ryan was planning on having “finger sandwiches with Peggy Noonan.”

Yet the geniuses that would run our lives for us failed to pick up on even that, and rather than take the one minute to contact Simon (or Ryan) to find out if any of this was even remotely true, they just ran with it on television and internet “news” operations.

And if you read  Ace of Spades, he knows funny.

But if all these “news” operations believed it, isn’t it possible that Simon believed it if it did come from a source who lied to him?

The last thing the corrupt Politico needs these days is yet another scandal involving a high-profile member of its staff, especially a scandal like this one where a preposterous claim is accepted as fact simply because the media is desperate to believe anything negative about a Republican. Which is true of all those who ran with Simon’s story as though it were gospel.

I’m not saying Simon wasn’t trying satire, but I am saying that we should leave open the possibility that “just kidding” was the only way out of what could’ve been an embarrassing scandal.


Major TV Buy Planned For Terrific Romney Ad


This is a full sixty-second ad that the campaign plans to get out with a major TV buy. It’s a terrific ad with Romney looking directly into the camera and talking about the increases in poverty, unemployment and food stamp recipients — but he conveys this information without sounding negative. Romney even gives Obama credit for caring about the poor, something Obama would never do for any opponent.

Romney’s also aiming his message squarely at the middle and working class, which is imperative in swing states like Ohio.

The key is for Romney to get these statistics out there in a way that goes over the media’s head. Also, at this late stage, he has to do it in a positive way that doesn’t leave an opening for the corrupt media to pivot an attack on him off of anything he says.  


Best Explanation for Juiced Media Polls: Ohio’s Early Voting Begins Next Tuesday

Why would the media release three Ohio polls in a row that show Ohio lost to Romney and an absurdly skewed sample that says Obama will match or best his 2008 turnout advantage?

Well, with early voting set to begin next Tuesday and Ohio ground zero for Romney, it only makes sense for the media to attempt to suppress turnout; not only with the release of these polls but with a relentless narrative that will certainly live through the Sunday shows.

You can also bet that the very fact that early voting starts in Ohio next Tuesday will offer the corrupt media the opportunity to just keep on keeping on with the Romney-is-doomed-in-Ohio push.


CNN Isolates and Hypes Economic Good News, Completely Ignores Flurry of Bad

In a segment early this morning at the top of the hour, CNN went absolutely gaga over the fact that home sales are increasing and consumer confidence increased.

CNN completely ignored, however, today’s news surrounding the rise in gas prices, the startling increase in low-wage jobs, and that household incomes continue to collapse.

Unless you knew the full context surrounding our economy, CNN would have you believe we’re all flush and enjoying a go-go recovery.


‘Atlantic’ Predicts Bored Media Will Shift Narrative To Pro-Romney — Wrong!

At least “The Atlantic” all but admits the media’s been manipulating the narrative to win Obama his second term:

If there’s one thing the media won’t tolerate for long, it’s an unchanging media narrative. So the current story of the presidential campaign — Obama sits on a lead that is modest but increasingly comfortable, thanks to a hapless Romney and a hapless Romney campaign — should be yielding any moment to something fresher.

The essential property of the new narrative is that it inject new drama into the race, which means it has to be in some sense pro-Romney. This can in turn mean finding previously unappreciated assets in Romney or his campaign, previously undetected vulnerabilities in the Obama campaign, etc.

The mistake the writer makes is the assumption the media is more interested in a horse race than a Obama victory. He’s certainly correct that the media grows tired of narratives, but what he fails to realize is that thus far, for months now, we’ve seen the media find no lack of ways to find a fresh narrative that hammers Romney.


ObamaMedia Completely Ignoring New Facts Surrounding Obama’s Libya Cover Up

Sure, there’s some dutiful reporting of the fact that the Libyan president completely contradicted Obama’s shameful narrative blaming a film for the Middle East exploding. There’s also some dutiful reporting surrounding the report that our government knew of al-Qaeda’s involvement in the Libyan attack 24 hours afterwards. But no one in the media dares talk about it.

Instead, the ObamaMedia is hyping with glee the narrative that the Romney campaign is doomed.


Today’s ObamaMedia Narrative: Romney Is DOOOOOOOOMED!

The relentless media drumbeat today is that the race is over because Ohio is completely out of reach for Mitt Romney. This, of course, suits the greater narrative the media is desperate to push that Romney is running an incompetent campaign and is therefore too incompetent to be president.

In other words, using juiced polls (unless you are a Turnout Truther who believes Obama will increase his advantage over the perfect storm of ’08), the media is fabricating a doom scenario for Romney in the hopes it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You can’t imagine how hard the media is pushing this unless you are actually watching it.


Susan Page Gushes That 82% Of Political Articles In  ‘USA Today’ Written By Women

What a revealing moment that truly gives away the media’s notion of equality and diversity.

If 82% of the stories were written by men, the statistic would be presented as a problem. But because women dominate, that’s somehow a good thing.

You see, it’s not about equality or diversity — it’s about using those nice-sounding words to take over. And this isn’t even about gender, it’s about gender politics and pushing what the left’s idea and noxious definition of equality. 


Polls The ObamaMedia Ignore: Romney Up 48-46 With Leaners

Today’s Rasmussen has the race all tied up  nationally at 46 and Romney ahead 48-46 with leaners.


Mickey Kaus Asks If Media Guilt Will Eventually Help Romney — The Answer Is No

Jumping off a Howard Fineman column, the Daily Caller’s Mickey Kaus wonders if the media might turn on Obama out of feelings of guilt over their behavior these last few months:

An MSM veteran, Fineman, in essence, is agreeing with conservative critics of his profession: they’ve been cutting the President way too much slack, failing to take him to task in areas (the Woodward portrayal, Libya, the jobs numbers ) where they would have hammered another candidate. Hence the strange, empty, helium-filled trajectory of the Obama campaign so far.

Does Fineman’s analysis, from within the belly of HuffPo, suggest an impending surge of MSM Guilt? That could be what just Romney needs at this point-in any case it’s probably the best he can hope for.

No. Way. In. Hell.

One way people attempt to convince themselves that they’ve done nothing wrong is to just keep right on doing it or to double down on it. At the very least, the guilty party wants to convince people that they themselves believe they’ve done nothing wrong.

We have six weeks to go and while the media certainly doesn’t believe its own polls. they do believe, as I do, that Obama is about three points ahead of Romney. Therefore, there’s just no way the media is going to do anything to blow it for Obama at this point.

To the corrupt media, 2012 isn’t just about getting a Democrat reelected, it’s also about affirming that the media was right to sell its soul for Obama in 2008. And a nationwide rejection of Obama will feel like  personal rejection. If you remember the media’s long faces when Bush won reelection, you know how VERY personal the media takes this.

My prediction is that AFTER the election, only when Obama has nothing to lose, the corrupt media will attempt to resurrect its credibility by holding Obama accountable. 

This means that should Obama win, our job is to make damn sure the media is never allowed to resurrect its credibility.  


CNN ‘Early Start’ Panel Gush Over Ben of ‘Ben & Jerry’ Promoting Lawbreaking

Using their sizable corporation and fortune, the two men behind Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream have started a campaign to, uhm, get money out of politics. Not only did the CNN “Early Start” panel fail to see the irony in this, they also had no problem with the fact that Ben & Jerry promote lawbreaking.

The Ben portion of the duo, Ben Cohen, was a “Early Start” guest this morning and he brought with him the tools of this “grassroots” campaign: ink-stamps that deface American currency with slogans demanding campaign finance reform.

The “Early Start” panel was good enough to mention the fact that defacing American currency is illegal, but pretty much laughed it off, because, as you know, the corrupt media is desperate to kill super PACs. 

It’s just a fact that the only corporations the media believes should have unlimited money to affect politics are media corporations.  


BREAKING: Democrat Voters Turnout Advantage Over Republicans Will Break All-Time Records

If you’re going to believe the polls released from CBS/New York Times this morning — you know, the polls the media’s currently using to beat Romney senseless and to depress Republican enthusiasm, you have to believe that the turnout advantage for Democrats over Republicans will blow away every previous record… 

Full piece here.







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