Media Watch: CNN's Costello Tries To Make Debate All About Murdering Big Bird

CNN’s horrid, smug, sanctimonious Carol Costello just tried to beat up a Romney surrogate (didn’t catch his name) over “Sesame Street.”

No, actually it was worse than that. What this awful leftist tried to do was spin Romney’s debate victory last night into a loss by pretending the night will all come down to Romney promising to stop borrowing money from China to subsidize a multi-millionaire, one-percenter called Big Bird.

Last night was an important and substantive debate about every issue facing our country. But because Romney won a resounding victory, what CNN and Costello tried to do here was make it all about defunding PBS and murdering Big Bird.

This is all they’ve got with which to hurt Romney, so in her segment with Romney’s surrogate, Costello pushed-pushed-pushed this talking point until her prey finally asked — in so many words — what the hell her problem was.

The pushback exposed her smallness, and she finally shut up and allowed her guest to talk about issues that matter.

These people are as desperate as they are corrupt.


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