Greatest Screen Shot Ever: Politico Ignores Romney's Surge

Greatest Screen Shot Ever: Politico Ignores Romney's Surge

Okay… You’re a site named “Politico” that prides itself on “driving the day” and all that.

In other words, you advertise yourself as the hottiest and trottiest go-to place for all the latest and greatest; you’re on top of and in the middle of and a part of everything political…

That is unless you’re the hackiest hack in the history of political hacks, and the biggest political story of the day makes you want to assume the fetal position.

There is absolutely no question that The Biggest Political Story Of The Day (maybe of the campaign yet) is Romney’s comeback in almost every poll– and yet, this is Politico’s front page today:


Politico’s gone from being dishonest and biased to just plain ole’ pathetic.

Why would left-wingers even read this junk? If you can’t click on the front page and get a sense of the where the race is at four weeks out, what good is a site named Politico?

It’s one thing for the corrupt Politico to attempt to control reality. It’s quite another to stand before an elephant and ask, “What elephant?”

The Internet is laughing at Politico today. Never has a site with so much promise worked so hard to marginalize itself.



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