Obama Mega-donor Threatens Liberal Reporter: 'I've Got the White House on Notice'

Obama Mega-donor Threatens Liberal Reporter: 'I've Got the White House on Notice'

Obama mega-donor Kareem Ahmed threatened Talking Points Memo reporter Eric Lach in advance of his article’s publication by invoking the power of the White House: “I’ve got the White House on notice,” he said.

Lach reported the conversation in his profile of Ahmed, “The Obama Mega Donor Who Got Lost in the Crowd.” Ahmed, who has given more than $1.1 million to Obama, Democrats, and associated super PACs, boasts that House Minority Leader is a personal friend and hobnobs with other elite left-wing donors, but has been largely neglected by the media thus far. 

When he learned that Lach would be writing an article about him, he began threatening defamation lawsuits and accusing Lach of working in cahoots with Republicans.

Ahmed is the founder of Landmark Medical Management, which provides account management services for the medical industry, especially in the field of workmen’s compensation. As an ambitious businessman (he is not a doctor), he is enthusiastic about the medical and economic potential of new compound drug products. Like many left-wingers, Ahmed dislikes the idea of economic competition; unlike most, he is open about it:

“My problem is, I don’t want competition,” Ahmed said. “I like to have a private life. I don’t want people to copy my business model, which I have wasted millions on, with legal opinion letters, from whatever, perfecting it over years. I don’t want people to take it for free, and start giving me competition. I’m a businessman, too. That is why I’m hesitant on answering all these things, because you’re going to expose my entire business model, and everyone’s going to say, ‘Oh, thank you, Mr. Lach, now let’s go compete, and give Mr. Ahmed and Landmark competition.’ I don’t want that.”

Landmark’s use of compound drugs for injured workers is controversial–another reason for Ahmed’s anxieties. 

Still, it is noteworthy that his first impulse upon merely learning that a reporter would be writing an article about him–for a left-wing publication, at that–was to promise retaliation by the White House.