BBC Lies About Gaza Victim

BBC Lies About Gaza Victim

Is there a limit to the number of times the news media will act as willing accomplices for Palestinian propaganda?

Apparently not. The BBC, which has been an enemy of Israel for years, even going so far as to quote as an authority noted Israel hater Richard Falk, who has compared Israelis to Nazis, has now been caught cutting a video showing a “victim” of the Israeli attack on Gaza being carried out, seriously wounded.

One problem. In the same video thirty seconds later, the same man is standing on his own two feet.

It’s a miracle!

The BBC’s hostility to Israel has been evidenced by acts like these:

  1. BBC journalist Barbara Plett said she “started to cry” when Yasser Arafat left Israel and traveled to France for medical treatment in 2004.  
  2. In 2006, reporter Orla Guerin lied that the town of Bint Jbeil, Lebanon, had been “wiped out” by the Israeli air force.  It later turned out that the suburbs were left virtually untouched.
  3. When the Fogel family of five was butchered in their home, including a baby girl in her bed, in Itamar, the BBC barely mentioned it, saying that it had been a “very busy news period.”
  4. On October 5th of this year, Jeremy Bowen, the BBC’s Middle East Editor, retweeted a tweet by  one Joseph Dana, who was “curious that Israeli forces can fire tear gas and use stun grenades next to the Al Aqsa mosque and the story doesn’t make international waves.” The chances of this happening are slim and none; the Al Aqsa Mosque is one of the most explosive places on earth. What actually happened was this: several hundred Arab worshippers stoned the Israeli police, an Arab man tried to stab a police officer, and then the Israeli police dispersed the crowd. Of course, Dana lives in Ramallah, and hates Israel so much that, when he spoke in November 2011 at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, he stated that he had managed to extricate himself from  a “Zionist indoctrination programme.”

No wonder the BBC thinks a Palestinian acting a part is really wounded. The BBC has been acting like an objective news source for years.  



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