Five Reasons Marco Rubio's Smart to Volunteer For a BenSmithing

Five Reasons Marco Rubio's Smart to Volunteer For a BenSmithing

How about this:

Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith Will Interview Senator Marco Rubio At First Event

Social news leader BuzzFeed announced today it is launching a newsmaker speaker series where members of the BuzzFeed Politics team will interview Washington newsmakers in the nation’s capital.

1.  According to any publicly available BuzzFeed Politics’ metrics (comments, etc.), outside of his own mind, Ben Smith is a social news leader like I’m president of the “Thirtysomething” fan club. There is, however, no doubt that Smith commands an extraordinary amount of groupthink influence among the rest of the left-wing media. And so, if Rubio intends to run for president, getting an early look at the tactics utilized by the Lex Luthor of anti-Republican narratives can only be of benefit.

2. Smith is likely to use this interview as an opportunity to “define” Rubio in some way that will damage his 2016 chances. Strangling Rubio’s political career in the crib is something the media’s been attempting since the ambitious young Senator arrived on the scene. The Washington Post crafted a series of lies about his biography a couple of years ago, and late last year GQ rolled out its own gotcha. But neither is likely to stick.

Smith is the very best at this, and while he’s too smart to show all of his cards now, we might get some kind of hint at what he’ll brew up for 2016. There’s a reason BenSmithing is now a recognized verb; even my spell check recognizes it.

My guess as to what this might be? Well, Smith — like the rest of the media–is concerned Rubio can take enough of the Latino vote from Hillary to beat her. So look for hints of Smith angling for something that plants the seeds of a Rubio’s Not a Real Latino narrative.

3. If Rubio is under the false impression many are, that Smith is not the Left’s baby-faced enforcer, better the junior Senator from Florida learn that now as opposed to when it’s too late.

4. Those of us who understand that no Republican will ever have a chance at winning the presidency unless he or she can beat the media at its own game, need to see our potential candidates deal with the worst of the media as soon as possible.

Rubio’s plenty smart, has charisma to burn, and is loaded with ambition. But if he thinks the media’s Ben Smiths will ever acknowledge his humanity, much less be anything close to objective should he get in Hillary’s (or any Democrat’s) way, I want him to know now he’s setting himself up for McCainsian fall.

5. The choice of Rubio for this opening interview might be read as proof Smith and his media brethren are worried about him. That’s always a good sign.

My guess is that if the Rubio does well, Smith is sure to hire his own Cuban reporter; some Lefty named McCop Kaypins-Delgado, who’s primary mission will be to undermine Rubio’s identity.

And heaven knows I can’t wait to make fun of him.


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