Last Honest MSM Reporter in America: Obama Sequester Cuts 'Madness'

Last Honest MSM Reporter in America: Obama Sequester Cuts 'Madness'

President Obama and his lapdog media’s ongoing propaganda over sequester is three-pronged:

1. Obama proposed sequester, got it passed into law, blamed it on the other party, and the media is letting him get away with it.

2. Obama and the media are demogoguing what amounts to a nothing cut in a budget that exploded over the first four years of the Obama Administration. Instead of taking a scalpel to the budget (as Obama so famously promised during the ’08 election) Obama is instead promising to make the nothing cuts as painful as possible — including the dry-docking of an aircraft carrier.

3.  With unemployment on the rise and the contraction of our economy last quarter, Obama and his media are setting up the GOP and these nothing budget cuts as the fall guy should our economy head into a double-dip recession. Obama and his media parrots keep warning about job losses and how the sequester cuts will affect economic growth. This is all about long game: the blaming of a coming recession on a government that’s too small and a GOP that refused to raise taxes.

In this flood of government and government-media propaganda, though, there remains a single honest mainstream media reporter, the legendary Bob Woodward, with the courage to call out Obama for what he’s doing:

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Woodward is also the reporter who proved Obama and the media liars by reporting the fact that sequester was not only Obama’s idea but that in the original deal, Obama agreed not to raise taxes.  


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