Mark Levin Blasts 'Pathetic' MSM, GOP over Hagel Confirmation

Mark Levin Blasts 'Pathetic' MSM, GOP over Hagel Confirmation

On Tuesday, conservative scholar and firebrand talk radio host Mark Levin blasted the mainstream media and Republicans alike. Chuck Hagel was narrowly confirmed as Defense Secretary once Republicans deferred to President Barack Obama in voting for cloture to move his nomination forward. 

In particular, Levin blasted  the Washington Post for declaring Hagel’s confirmation to be a “foreign policy victory for President Obama” and for carrying the water for their “hero” and “imperial president.”  Levin called the media’s coverage of Hagel’s confirmation “pathetic” and “disgusting.”

“Screw the defense department, screw our national security, screw the military personnel, screw our allies, screw what this means for our country,” Levin said, noting the media cares more about what is good for Obama than what is good for the country. “Barack Obama is king and nothing else matters. Nothing.” 

Speaking more about the filibuster and the cloture vote, Levin said he was tired of Republicans deferring to Obama while Obama nominates a person for Defense Secretary who is anti-Israel and believes in “hollowing out” the country’s military while Obama is slowly “destroying our capitalist system.” He blasted Republicans who voted for cloture before voting against Hagel, saying Republicans who did so should not be allowed in the future to claim that they opposed Hagel because their cloture vote allowed him to get nominated. 

Saying these are “dark times” for this nation, Levin said many D.C. Republicans “do not have the will” to fight Obama and urged those in Washington, especially Republicans who did not have the will to kill the Hagel nomination, to stand up to the president because “the Constitution gives you the power to do it.”

“If you are going to be a senator, act like a senator,” Levin thunderously said. “If you are going to be a congresman, then act like a damn congressman or otherwise get the hell out of the way!”

Levin said when Senators have a “chance to stand up” to Obama, who shows them and their institution no deference, they should “stand up and stop him” instead of deferring to him. 

Levin said, in general, the “circle of liberty” was “getting tighter” and the individual was “losing liberty 
in this country gradually but steadily.”

“The people who pretend otherwise are ignorant,” Levin said. 

Like with the Hagel nomination, Levin said when Republicans cave to Obama, the people get hurt. He cited New Jersey Governor Chris Christie agreeing to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid on Tuesday. Levin said just like Americans will be the ultimate losers with Hagel’s confirmation, the people of New Jersey will be losers after Christie leaves office because the state will have to massively raise taxes after the federal government stops generously reimbursing New Jersey for its Medicaid expansion in three years.


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