Breitbart: Typical Grandma's Boy

Breitbart: Typical Grandma's Boy

I met Andrew Breitbart the way most conservatives in Los Angeles meet. A friend from D.C. introduced us. 

After we had known each other for a few years, I invited Andrew one night to the cast and crew screening of a movie I had just finished, called Grandma’s Boy. I saw him in the lobby beforehand and he was his usual hyper-kinetic self. Bouncing around, talking to everyone, making friends with strangers. 

I’ll never forget his reaction after the movie. He grabbed me and said, “I loved it. Thank G-d. I was so nervous that it was going to suck and I wouldn’t know how to tell you.” He then went on to tell me that it might be his new favorite movie. 

I thought he was just being nice, but over the years Andrew became a self -appointed publicist for my little labor of love. Whether it was at Barney’s Beanery or the Claremont Institute’s Churchill Dinner, Andrew would always introduce me to people and then tell them that they had to watch Grandma’s Boy.

I had the great pleasure of running around CPAC with Andrew last year. It was fun to watch him in action. Talking with everyone who approached him, taking pictures with college kids, fidgeting against the back wall as people gave speeches and then bringing the house down when he gave his own speech. 

I always laugh when I hear people who didn’t know Andrew describe him as angry. He had more fun than anyone I knew. He was full of life. He was a great husband and father. He was a Happy Warrior and I think the world is less fun without him. He was a great friend and I miss him dearly.


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