Obama Sequester Blame Game Backfires

Obama Sequester Blame Game Backfires

For weeks and weeks, the media aided and abetted President Obama’s crying of wolf over sequester. As Obama hit the campaign trail (literally) to blame Republicans for the upcoming spending cuts that would result in the end of America as we know it, the media went right along with him every step of the way (my personal fave is here).

Meanwhile, it was conservative media reporting the truth — the truth that it was Obama who had proposed sequester and signed it into law; the truth that Obama and a number of federal agencies had some discretion when it came to where these cuts would hit; the truth that the sequester cuts amounted to less than 2% of the budget and 1% of GDP; the truth that the original sequester deal did not include tax increases.

And then along came Bob Woodward…

To protect Obama’s lies, much of the media tried to destroy Woodward for telling the truth, but after a few other brave journalists decided to bolt the Narrative Plantation and report the truth about Obama’s lies, the toothpaste was out of the tube.

Sequester hit, the world did not collapse, and Obama and his media backed down from their unified cries of an impending apocalypse that was to be brought on by a government not bloated enough.   

And now we know why

Thirty-eight percent of Americans place more blame on the Republicans in Congress for the failure, while 33 percent blame President Obama and the Democrats in Congress more. Nineteen percent volunteer that they blame both sides.

When you add up those numbers, you discover that 52% of Americans blame Obama for sequester, while 57% blame the GOP. In other words, all that campaigning and water-carrying by the media did next to nothing to help Obama. More than half the country blames Obama, and he’s only polling a measly 5% better than the GOP.

That’s what you call a backfire.

And all it took was New Media telling the truth and a very few mainstream media reporters brave enough to do the same.  

What we now have to hope is that this new concept of some in the elite media being willing to report honestly on this White House sticks, and starts to catch on.


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