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Raw Numbers Expose Extreme Media Bias Against Koch Brothers

Raw Numbers Expose Extreme Media Bias Against Koch Brothers

Mark Tapscott, executive editor of The Washington Examiner, did an interesting spot-check yesterday. Using the search engines of a few high-profile news outlets, he documented the number of references each made to conservative political activists, “the Koch Brothers,” as compared to left-wing political activists, “The Tides Foundation.”

According to IRS documents available to Tapscott, Tides spreads around almost six times as much money as the Kochs, and yet Tapscott’s research shows that two major newspapers and Common Cause (4,560 versus 1) — “the dean of campaign finance reform advocacy organizations” — are much more obsessed with reporting on, exposing, and tracking the Kochs.

I did my own spot-check at Politico and found what Tapscott found at The New York Times (1130 versus 64) and The Washington Post (277 versus 1). Politico references to Tides: 105; Politico references to the Koch Brothers: 488. Good heavens, Politico is so out of control on this issue that they handed the “Koch Beat” to Ken Vogel, a “reporter” who once worked for the George Soros-funded Center for Public integrity.

Those numbers help to backfill a point I’ve been trying to make since the ObamaMedia went insane over the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision which gave corporations the right to free speech: The media doesn’t care about outside corporate money influencing politics, as long as it is the right kind of outside money.

Media companies are corporations, and in many cases, they are nothing more than cogs in the wheel of huge multi-nationals. The media, however, have no problem with media corporations influencing politics. In other words, there is no higher form of hypocrisy than media corporations going after other corporations. Why is it moral for Politico, The Washington Post and The New York Times to influence politics, but not the Koch Brothers?

At least the Kochs are honest about their agenda. The media, on the other hand, lie about their own, disguising their left-wingery and ObamaWorship as “objective” reporting.

Like I said, the media doesn’t really care about corporate money influencing politics; if they did, they would all put their money where their collective mouths are and voluntarily go out of business. What the media really wants is to exterminate ideological competition. Because those who run the Politico corporation and the Washington Post corporation and the New York Times corporation are — like 98% the media — left-wing, they relentlessly attack the Kochs — because the Kochs are conservative…

While the left-wing Tides Foundation gets a big fat sweet pass.

Further proof that Tapscott’s research is indicative of media narratives is that the Koch Brothers are much better known than the Tides Foundation, even though Tides has been around for decades. The media have worked overtime to turn the Kochs into Big Money Bogymen.


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