Politico Reporter: Right 'Thirsting for Media' to Engage In 'Baseless Speculation'

Politico Reporter: Right 'Thirsting for Media' to Engage In 'Baseless Speculation'

Apparently Politico’s Dylan Byers believes the political right enjoys being regularly, predictably, and forever smeared by his media pals whenever a horrific crime is committed that captures the national media’s attention:  

One wonders if Byers has the smarts to understand that his tweet is yet another example of the media smearing the right with baseless speculation — this time with the claim that we enjoy being smeared with baseless speculation.

This kind of rationalization also makes it easier for Byers to ease up on his media pals’ transgressions, because, you know, those being smeared happen to enjoy it.

No harm, no foul, right?

Regardless, it is Politico’s pathetic lack of ethical standards governing how their so-called reporters publicly attack the right that is the real story here. Unfortunately, this lack of professionalism is just as predictable as the “right-wing” speculating the media engages in every time something terrible happens.


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