Poll: Nobody Media Cares About Gun Control Except the Media

Poll: Nobody Media Cares About Gun Control Except the Media

Gallup released a poll Monday that asked Americans to list the most important problems currently facing the country. Despite the fact that the media has been on a months-long, 24/7 crusade to convince DC lawmakers to restrict our Second Amendment civil rights, this propaganda push has failed miserably with the overall population: Only 4% of Americans see gun control as a priority.

As if to punctuate this point, with the help of David Axelrod and Steve Schmidt, the insufferable “Morning Joe” crew was in full demagogue mode Wednesday morning. Joe Scarborough was actually screaming something about “terrorists getting guns!” if the Senate vote on the Toomey-Manchin background check bill fails today — which looks likely. 

The media is the biggest special interest group in the country and probably felt invincible after winning Obama his re-election and so effectively covering up all-things Libya. So like the spoiled, entitled crybabies they are, the media is not taking the prospect of total defeat at the hands of the “evil” NRA very well.

But this Gallup poll proves that the media is completely out of touch with the American people.  

The problems most Americans do see as a priority — the overall economy, jobs, the deficit — also happen to be the stories the media is least interested in covering. The reasons for this are obvious. Gun control is a culture war against the right and has the added benefit of taking everyone’s eye off Obama’s failed, jobless, debt-saddled economic policies.

Also polling at 4% is immigration. But as soon as the gun control issue is resolved, the media is already gearing up to marinate Americans in that.

What the media do is fabricate a reality that says gun control or immigration or gay marriage or whatever their left-wing agenda is, is the most important issue on the planet. The media manufacture an artificial bubble bubble aimed at fewer than 600 people on Capitol Hill in the hopes of getting their way. It is Orwellian and immoral.

Meanwhile, out here in the real world, poverty is at its highest level in over twenty years, ObamaCare is strangling the working class, and job growth is slowing.  


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