Flashback: Remnick Accuses Tea Party of Being Motivated By Race

Flashback: Remnick Accuses Tea Party of Being Motivated By Race

What a wonderful character insight it is to discover that David Remnick, the same biographer capable of summoning all kinds of eloquence and empathy for Boston’s accused mass-murdering terrorists, is also the same David Remnick that publicly smeared the ridiculously peaceful Tea Party as something driven by wicked intentions.  

In a 2010 audience Q&A about his (then) new book on Barack Obama, Remnick confessed that what he saw among the everyday moms and dads and grandmothers and grandfathers who populate the Tea Party is an entity motivated mostly by fear and race:

When you hear people in the Tea Party movement saying, ‘I want my country back, I’ve lost my country,’ something is being said there, very often, that has to do with race. It has to do with otherness. It has to do with a nostalgia for an imagined America some time ago.

As I write this, Remnick is being celebrated all throughout the elite media for his morally illiterate New Yorker article that biographies Boston Marathon suspects, Tamerlan and Dzohokhar Tsarnaev. So impressed is the elite media, that George Stephanopoulos has invited Remnick to appear on “This Week” Sunday.

If you are naively wondering why all this is happening, here is what I wrote earlier today:

Much of this is and will be motivated by the left’s bizarre desire to forever rationalize radical Islam. For some reason, Islamists are the only racist, sexist, homophobic theocrats the media can’t summon outrage against. I suspect it is also the result of industry-wide disappointment over the fact that the bad guys aren’t right-wingers. (Would Remnick have summoned such eloquence for the savage second coming of McVeigh? Would the media be gushing over it?)

So what we have here is the media still looking for a way to blame the most inviting and inclusive country in the world for not being inviting and inclusive enough.

The same media that sees only evil in the peaceful Tea Party just can’t bring itself to see evil in the kind of terrorism they can’t exploit against the Tea Party or any of their enemies on the right.

The media will  bend over backwards to shroud monstrous terrorism in lofty nuance.

You and I, though, are just monsters.


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