Backfire: 'Morning Joe' Ratings Collapse By Double Digits in Key Demo

Backfire: 'Morning Joe' Ratings Collapse By Double Digits in Key Demo

Now that Joe Scarborough has launched his nihilistic campaign to destroy the future of the Republican party, and has wasted months turning his program into a desperate exercise in left-wing emotional blackmail on the issue of gun control, the customers have spoken and they are not happy. Compared to this same time last year, Scarborough’s ratings have collapsed 14% in the key 25-54 demo, and 6% overall.

Only four MSNBC shows saw a drop in both areas, and “Morning Joe’s” fall in the 25-54 demo was the worst. Moreover, “Morning Joe” was the only daytime MSNBC show to lose viewers. Every show between 9AM and 2PM saw double digit increases:

During dayside, MSNBC actually [sic] some substantial growth, with every show from 9AM-2PM up in both total and demo viewers. The most “Andrea Mitchell Reports” was up +14% in total viewers and +47% in the demo, while 12PM’s “Now” was up +16% in total viewers and +19% in the demo. “Martin Bashir” was up at 4 PM, improving +6% in total viewers and +41% in the demo.

It is pretty obvious that even liberals are tired of Scarborough’s played-out sanctimonious preening as he never stops holding court about gun control with guests who plaster stiff smiles across their face to hide the embarrassment.

Watching the equivalent of a pathetic drunk ruin a party because he won’t let something go, does not make for fun viewing, even if you agree with the pathetic drunk.

To those of us on the right, the back-stabbing Scarborough is becoming just another Keith Olbermann  — a destructive, ego-fueled blowhard whose fall will be something to relish.

We’re just hating you back, Joe. 


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