Media Fail: Voters Oppose Obama and His Surveillance State

Media Fail: Voters Oppose Obama and His Surveillance State

Monday, The Washington Post released a Pew Poll that supposedly proved that a majority of Americans found “acceptable” the new revelations about the NSA’s seizing of all of our phone records. Instantly, and across almost every media outlet, this poll was hailed as good news for President Obama. But now that three subsequent polls prove that the complete opposite is true, the media have chosen to ignore those — and Obama’s falling poll numbers.  

So what’s going on….

As Obama’s world caved in last week, and the media were completely caught off guard by yet another scandal they did not break (0-4, you losers), the only question that remained was how the media would use the weekend to regroup in order to assume their natural position as Obama’s Palace Guards. The answer came from where it frequently does, the Washington Post and its timely poll.

Although it was obvious there was something off about that Post poll (as my colleague Elizabeth Sheld pointed out), our media didn’t care; the poll was the cover they needed to manufacture a Narrative that falsely claimed that the American people stood firmly behind Their Precious One. Forget Obama’s roaring hypocrisy and all the other swirling scandals; the people are with him.

This false narrative allowed the media to move on and talk about that dirty, low-down, backstabbing Snowden, and their favorite subject, The WomanParts.

But a funny thing happened while the media was moving on: The American people were not.

After last week’s leaks proved that Obama, the-anti-Bush, was in reality Bush-on-Surveillance-State-Steroids, Obama’s favorability ratings noticeably dipped..

The media are also all but ignoring…

A CBS poll that shows 58% oppose the NSA program.

A Gallup poll that shows 53% oppose the NSA program.

A Fox News poll that shows 62% oppose the NSA program.

Obviously, when the corrupt media convened over the weekend to figure out how to salvage The Precious with a change of subject, the plan was to use a poorly worded poll and turn the page to The WomanParts and immigration reform.

This time, though, the media’s game-plan is not working. These scandals and revelations are taking a toll, and Obama is quickly becoming toxic.


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