Politico Runs Immigration Reform Victory Lap

Politico Runs Immigration Reform Victory Lap

If the left-wing Politico is going to “lead the conversation,” you know it is going to be left-ward and certainly not towards getting to the truth behind Benghazi and the IRS.

The left-wing Politico’s headline today? “Inside the border deal that almost failed.”

Right next to the lead, you can read this: “70 votes now possible for immigration deal.”

Translation: Good things are happening in the Democratically-controlled Senate! Because it is always a good thing when Big Bills pass that grow government and legalize millions of Democrats.

And here is the story directly below today’s Politico lead: “The dysfunctional House.”

Translation: The Republican-controlled House can redeem itself by passing a Big Bill! Because unless you are passing Big Bills, you are dysfunctional.


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