Obama's Trayvon Statement Brings CNN Anchor Lemon to Tears

Obama's Trayvon Statement Brings CNN Anchor Lemon to Tears

Friday, not long after Barack Obama’s racially-divisive statement about the Zimmerman case, and directly after five objective CNN staffers embarrassed themselves gushing over the statement, CNN interviewed their own anchor, Don Lemon. For a full three-minutes the weepy, melodramatic Lemon was allowed to turn The Mosted Trusted Name In News into a bad Oprah episode.

The thing to keep in mind is that in the video below is that CNN is not handing their powerful network over to a guest. Don Lemon is a CNN anchor, and one presented as an objective, unbiased, not-at-all-liberal journalist.  But here is the emotional (and kind of entertaining) Lemon — voice shaking, indignation in the red zone, and in full support of the president — making it all about him.

There are reports that after hanging up the phone, the powerful cable network star wiped away his tears borne of American oppression with million dollar bills.


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