CNN Chief: 'Path We've Chosen' Is to Be 'Objective'

CNN Chief: 'Path We've Chosen' Is to Be 'Objective'

Jeff Zucker, the newly installed CNN chief stated during a recent interview that, “The idea that CNN “didn’t have enough conservative points of view was probably a valid criticism.” He went on to explain that the hiring of Newt Gingrich and SE Cupp to host the reboot of “Crossfire” was about trying to remedy that:

FORTUNE MAGAZINE’S ANDY SERWER:  So is Newt an employee of CNN?

JEFF ZUCKER:  Newt is an employee of CNN.  And listen, I’m thrilled to have Newt there.  Look, I think that he’s already been a part of a bunch of our programming.  Newt is an incredibly smart, intellectual thinker.  I think, frankly, one of the criticisms of CNN that it didn’t have enough conservative points of view on the air was probably a valid criticism.  And I think that in Newt, we immediately have one of the most intellectual conservative thinkers in the world.  So I’m very proud of that.  I think S.E. Cupp is a fantastic addition for us as well.

Zucker also claimed part of his marketing strategy is to remain an objective news outlet:

Obviously, in a world where our competitors have made a lack of objectivity part of their strategy, which is fine, and I’m not being critical of that at all.  They’ve done a very good job with that strategy.

But what I do think, that actually does leave room for somebody to be objective.  And that’s the path that we’ve chosen. 

This, of course, is a ruse. The left-wing media almost always disguise pushing its agenda as “objectivity” as a way to dishonestly push leftism as “fact.”

No one who watched CNN’s abysmal coverage of the George Zimmerman trial would in any way mistake CNN for anything close to objective.

CNN fabricated evidence to make Zimmerman look racist, stripped Zimmerman of his racial identity, lost its hysterical mind panting over President Obama’s racially divisive remarks, and allowed one of their anchors to come on the air and practically break down crying over those same remarks.

Over at HLN, CNN’s sister station, the face and star of the network, Nancy Grace, lied about Zimmerman and mocked his race.

CNN isn’t just biased; the network has proven at times to be racially bigoted and breathtakingly dishonest.


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