Politico Publishes Media Matters' Attack on CNN's 'Rightward Shift'

Politico Publishes Media Matters' Attack on CNN's 'Rightward Shift'

You have to give it to Politico and Media Matters. What a genius stroke to team up for an Orwellian attack against CNN that accuses the network of a “detectable rightward shift.”  Though David Brock, founder of Media Matters, has all kinds of space of his own to spew  propaganda, Politico apparently felt this particular editorial was important enough to host and promote on their own real estate.

Although CNN spent weeks openly pushing for gun control and weeks aiding and abetting Barack Obama’s and Al Sharpton’s race hoax ; although CNN covered up Alec Baldwin’s homophobia and five of its staffers had an on-air, hour-long O-gasm after Obama made a statement; although CNN has done Obama’s bidding when it comes to all but ignoring new revelations in the IRS scandal — here are on the pages of Politico is Media Matters admonishing The Least Trusted Name In News for a sudden “rightward shift.”


And what is Brock’s evidence? A single hour devoted to Benghazi, not enough coverage of Global Warming, and “hyping Texas Governor Rick Perry’s claim that a 20-week abortion is ‘reasonable.'”

That is it. That is all he has got.

Sixty to eighty hours a week I monitor this dreadful network (Tapper O’clock excepted), and other than a single hour out 168 devoted to Benghazi last week, Brock should be shining Jeff Zucker’s shoes.

But the genius of the left is to never concede, never be satisfied, and to fabricate a reality that does not exist so you can keep pushing-pushing-pushing.

Eight or nine years ago, when I lived in Los Angeles, my wife and I took some friends on the tour of Hollywood Boulevard you always have to take friends on. We had no idea it was scheduled, but suddenly we were surrounded by a few hundred dirty, filthy hippie anti-war protesters.

It was a protest against the Iraq War and not a single protester upset with the media held a sign attacking Fox News. The media protests were all focused on CNN — even though dirty, filthy hippies loath Fox News.

But dirty, filthy hippies are not dumb. The left understands that they cannot bully a Fox News, but they can bully left-wing media outlets to be even more left-leaning because the Anderson Coopers, Jeff Zuckers, and Piers Morgans really, really care about what the likes of a Media Matters thinks. Because this is their crowd — with whom they dine and cocktail party. The approval and acceptance of the “crowd” is of utmost importance.  

Media elites don’t hang with us conservatives. You see, we are racist Nazis for opposing same-sex marriage, socialism, and not seeing CNN’s “rightward shift.”


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