Media Destroy the Powerless; Protect Powerful Liars, Bigots & Race Hoaxers

Media Destroy the Powerless; Protect Powerful Liars, Bigots & Race Hoaxers

Last month, a wealthy movie and television star took to Twitter to hurl homophobic slurs at a gay reporter, and to urge his million-plus followers to commit acts of violence against the man.

Last week, a nobody — a jester, a clown, a performer performing at a rodeo, donned a Barack Obama mask and joked about having a bull attack him.  

Today, after much of the media chose not to report on Alec Baldwin’s reprehensible behavior, he is in talks to join NBC News.

Meanwhile, the clown has been banned for life, the president of the organization that hired him has been forced to resign, and the powerful NAACP is demanding a full investigation.

Earlier this week, on the pages of Politico, a powerful Hollywood director smeared rural whites as racists with the bigoted and provably false claim that they would not see a film with an all black cast.

Three decades ago, a woman who is now 66 years-old and once hosted a cable cooking show, used the N-word.

Today, Lee Daniels can be seen all across the media landscape in softball interviews asking him about his Oscar chances with “The Butler.” He has never once been challenged on his bigoted beliefs.

Meanwhile, a national media frenzy has destroyed Paula Deen and everything she worked for.

Last week, a nobody shopgirl was globally defamed after one of the most powerful people in the world publicly accused her of racism.  

Today, Oprah Winfrey’s tale of being victimized by this shopgirl has completely collapsed.

Meanwhile, the media are too busy talking about Winfrey’s Oscar chances to vindicate this poor shopgirl’s honor or to hold Winfrey accountable for her behavior.

Last month, even after all the evidence proved race had absolutely nothing to do with the fatal shooting of a Florida teenager, a sitting president and the architect of the Tawana Brawley race hoax teamed up to falsely claim it did.

Today, Barack Obama and Al Sharpton are hailed by the media as the new face of civil rights, even though the fallout of their dishonesty included dozens of acts of racial violence and lawlessness.

Meanwhile, George Zimmerman has been forced into hiding for fear of his life.

Last year, a sitting president and secretary of state falsely accused a nobody filmmaker of causing a riot that resulted in four American deaths at a diplomatic outpost in Libya. An unquestioning media ran with the story and the filmmaker became a worldwide pariah.

The worldwide notoriety would result in the hapless filmmaker being arrested in the dead of night (on a parole violation).

Today, we know the film had nothing to do with the terror attack in Libya. We also know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were aware of that at the same time they were calling for the filmmaker’s head.

Obama and Clinton falsely scapegoated an innocent man to cover up their own incompetence and to win an election. The American media have responded (with very few exceptions) only by doing everything in their power to protect them.

Today, after almost a year in prison, that nobody filmmaker lives in hiding for fear of his life.

Meanwhile, the media are eagerly prepping Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the next president of the United States.


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