Boehner Video: Obama Willing to Negotiate with Putin But Not Republicans

Boehner Video: Obama Willing to Negotiate with Putin But Not Republicans

While almost all of the mainstream media pretends that calling the GOP’s approach to budget negotiations “disastrous” is nothing more than unbiased analysis, House Speaker John Boehner’s office released a 68- second video that hits president Obama for his willingness to negotiate with Russian President Vladmir Putin over Syria but not with the GOP over the budget.

Sadly, Speaker Boehner has been forced to ask an obvious question our media refuses to ask.

The video puts together a series of recent clips that shows Administration officials and the President himself stating flatly that there will be no negotiations with the GOP on the budget. The video then runs a series a clips showing Obama and Secretary of State Kerry’s eagerness and pride when it comes to negotiating with Putin over ridding the world of Syria’s chemical weapons.

The video closes with a good question: “Why is the Obama administration willing to negotiate with Putin on Syria… but not with Congress to address Washington’s spending problem?”

Boehner is likely using the video as a way to change the media conversation-which, thus far, has only focused on the so-called kamikaze Republicans. As usual, the media are completely on Obama’s side with this debt debate and have given Obama a total pass for his extremist negotiating position–which is to not negotiate.

With this video, Boehner is asking a question our media should have asked the first time Obama threatened a government shutdown with his refusal to negotiate.


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