Media Fail: NRA Twice as Popular as Mike Bloomberg

Media Fail: NRA Twice as Popular as Mike Bloomberg

Saturday is the one-year anniversary of the horrific murders at Sandy Hook Elementary, which means it is also the anniversary of a shameless media attempting to exploit those murders into restrictions against our Second Amendment civil rights. Everywhere today you can see the elite media licking their wounds over this humiliating defeat. What has to be especially bitter is a new poll that shows the National Rifle Association is twice as popular as anti-gun extremist Mike Bloomberg.

According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, the NRA is viewed favorably by 39% or those polled, while only 31% view the civil rights organization unfavorably. New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, however, is upside down at 19%-24%.

This is a massive fail for a media that spent months pouring its black heart and soulless soul into an anti-gun crusade. A big part of this coordinated campaign, which literally began on the day of the shooting  and never relented, was to make the NRA the bogeyman of Sandy Hook.  On the flip-side, this same media did everything in its power to make Mike Bloomberg The Saint of Saving The Children, as he poured millions of his billions into a campaign for laws that would have done absolutely nothing to stop Sandy Hook.

Despite months of relentless hammering, though, the media couldn’t drive the NRA’s unfavorability rating any higher than 31%.

Put another way, the media failed to convince roughly 40% of those who voted for Obama to turn against the NRA.

While Obama, Democrats, and the media outwardly claim that they intend to bitterly cling to their anti-gun campaign, that is really just pandering to an audience. They got routed and they know and feel it.



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