Time Mag Contradicts Self Blaming Global Warming for Cold Snap

Time Mag Contradicts Self Blaming Global Warming for Cold Snap

Bryan Walsh, a senior editor at Time Magazine, engaged in a series of half-truths and anti-science speculation Monday to blame the cold temperatures hitting much of the country this week on man-made Global Warming. Apparently, temperatures reverting back to pre-Climate Change hysteria norms is proof of Climate Change, or something.

The only problem with Walsh’s attempt to further his hoax is that science disagrees with his phony claim that this cold snap has anything to do with Climate Change, Global Warming, or whatever these Truthers are calling it this week.  

If you want a real laugh, the infamous Polar Vortex Walsh is blaming on Global Warming today is the same infamous Polar Vortex Time Magazine blamed on Global Cooling in 1974.

Walsh’s deception gets especially oily when he laments the “Sea ice is vanishing from the Arctic thanks to climate change.” Why doesn’t Walsh inform his readers that in the Antarctic ice has hit record levels? Maybe because it is an inconvenient truth.

As I wrote over the weekend, there are all kinds of reasons to not to believe in Global Warming…

…the cover-ups, the media bias, the outright lies; the science just being plain old wrong; the absurdity of using a hundred-or-so years of data on a planet billions of years old;  the oh-so bizarre coincidence that the only solution to the “crisis” is to check off every item on the Marxist wish-list; the fact that Global Warming Believers live their lives like the rest of us instead of preparing for imminent catastrophe…

And let’s not forget the oily shift in branding from Global Cooling to Global Warming to Climate Change…

And we can now add to that Time Magazine’s flip-flopping, half-truth dishonesty.

If these Global Warming Truthers had a case, they wouldn’t hide facts and engage in anti-science fear-mongering.



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