MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Uses War Hero's Wounds for Joke

MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Uses War Hero's Wounds for Joke

There must be something in the water at NBC News. From outof left-field Wednesday, NBC’s senior political director Mark Murray comparedthe story of wounded war hero Cory Remsburg to Barack Obama’s own story. Twelve hoursearlier, MSNBC’s newest anchor, Ronan Farrow, used Remsburg’s wounds to makewhat is apparently a joke about Congress:

After the highly-publicized and embarrassing staff problemsNBC and MSNBC recently faced with Melissa Harris-Perry, Alec Baldwin, and MartinBashir, whoever is in charge over there might want to fire off a memo explainingto its on-air talent just how inappropriate it is to use our veterans in anyway, much less as a prop to make political statements.  

The Washington Free Beacon points out that Farrow’s tweet was not received well by his Twitter followers.


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