69-Year-Old Good Samaritan Killed for Opening Door for 'Attack' Victim

69-Year-Old Good Samaritan Killed for Opening Door for 'Attack' Victim

A 69-year-old Minnesota man was murdered for opening the front door to his home to someone he thought was being attacked and beaten.

Good Samaritan Thomas Sonnenberg called 911 for police to help 20-year-old Devon Derrick Parker who said he was being threatened by thugs with ball bats. Sonnenberg then opened the door to offer safety to the man he thought was being attacked.

Sadly, as soon as he opened the door to his North Minneapolis home to allow the purportedly endangered man in, Parker shot and killed the elderly man in cold blood.

Sonnenberg’s wife was also home at the time of the shooting and when she went to investigate the noise, the criminal attacked her, as well.

Parker threw the woman to the floor several times, choked her, and threatened to rape her.

Since Mr. Sonnenberg had called police, they arrived before Parker made his escape from the home.

Police have yet to learn why Parker perpetrated his hateful crime, but they speculate that he may have intended to rob the home. Further, there is no proof that he was being pursued or threatened by anyone.

The Star Tribune reports that Parker is on probation for a 2011 felony assault. He was convicted of third-degree assault with substantial bodily harm in that incident. Parker served 36 days and received a stayed one-year prison term. His three year’s probation would have ended this coming November. He also has convictions on drug charges and trespassing.

The victim’s brother, Darrell Sonnenberg said his brother was a “pretty good guy” who “took good care of his kids.”

The murdered man’s daughter, Rachel, said, “My dad was cruelly taken from me and my family today. Please pray for justice for him and wish him to be at peace! I loved him very much! The world will be a much sadder place without him in it.”