Wolf Blitzer Wins Media Matters Love for Rant Against Wendy Davis' GOP Opponent

Wolf Blitzer Wins Media Matters Love for Rant Against Wendy Davis' GOP Opponent

Watch for eight-minutes as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer uses something Ted Nugent said a month ago as an excuse to beat up Texas Republican Greg Abbott on behalf of the gubernatorial campaign for Democrat abortion-extremist Wendy Davis. Blitzer even proves he can access Wikipedia by dredging up some obscure Jewish slur as a way to attack Nugent (and by extension Abbott) as racist. Blitzer can also read minds and know what Nugent meant by “mongrel.”

And the left-wing, Soros-funded, tax-exempt Media Matters is very happy with Blitzer today.

Apparently proud of her colleague’s Media Matters love, CNN anchor Carol Costello tweeted out the link to Media Matters. So did the Senior Producer of Blitzer’s “Situation Room”:

Good to know guilt-by-association is now all the rage with the elite media; something we were told was a big no-no with Barack Obama’s racialist preacher, Reverend Wright — something we are being told today is a no-no with Hillary Clinton and the sexist behavior of her own husband.

And let’s not forget that CNN is the same network that legitimized Van Jones, the former Obama official who signed a 911 truther petition, called GOP congressmen “assholes” and used the CNN airwaves to describe Mitt Romney as a “douchebag.”

Jones currently co-hosts “Crossfire.”

Bill Maher, who once called Governor Sarah Palin a “c*nt,” has been a guest on CNN.

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker said his network would show more attitude. Apparently, we can look forward to more of this partisan, intellectual dishonesty from Wolf. 


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