No Press Allowed on Michelle Obama's China Trip

No Press Allowed on Michelle Obama's China Trip

White House officials say that because politics won’t be a focus on First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to China, no reporters will be allowed to accompany her on the trip.

Officials claim that Michelle’s trip will be a “people-to-people exchange” meant to advocate for the importance of education, not politics.

Michelle will take the trip with her mother and two daughters in tow on a taxpayer-paid vacation to exotic China, leaving on March 19.

In a conference call on the trip, Mrs. Obama’s Chief of Staff, Tina Tchen, praised the trip, saying the Chinese will “appreciate” the fact that “three generations” of Obama women are visiting their great country.

Tchen said that Michelle and her family “understand the significance… of three generations of family traveling together, which I think the Chinese will appreciate, and will appreciate the ties and the bonds that the Obama family have with one another across generations. And this is a great opportunity for the Obama family to experience that, and I think for the Chinese to see that as well in an American family.”

Another “benefit” of the trip according to Tchen is that Michelle will “share her experience with Americans” when she returns by appearing on PBS and working with the education establishment. Tchen also pledged that the FLOTUS would be “posting blogs and travel information for each step of the trip along the way on”

Tchen went on, saying, “And we encourage young people and all Americans to follow along and learn more about China through the first lady’s trip.”

Naturally, Michelle will not be discussing the long history of human rights abuses perpetrated by the communist government, nor will she try to meet with Chinese dissidents striving for freedom in that oppressive land.

This week-long trip will be “a real treat” for Michelle and her daughters, Tchen happily chirped. No doubt.

White House officials have refused to detail how much the trip will cost taxpayers but the First Lady has been criticized many times for her lavish vacations at taxpayers’ expense.