Gun, Knife Control Advocates Say You Don't Need Weapons, Just Call 911

Gun, Knife Control Advocates Say You Don't Need Weapons, Just Call 911

According to Dr. AWR Hawkins, appearing on Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM Radio, gun control and knife control advocates suggest that there is no need to bear arms when confronted by an attacker; rather they suggest that you call 911. Hawkins asserted that the mantra for gun control enthusiasts  is, “Don’t get a Knife–Don’t Get a gun–Call 911.”

Moreover, Dr. Hawkins, an expert on arms and ammunition, told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steven K. Bannon and Editor in Chief Alex Marlow that Piers Morgan did quite  a bit to help pro-gun advocacy in America, although he didn’t mean to. “He helped us by driving people away from the gun control argument, because they equated that argument with him and they were as sick of it as they were of him by the time it was over,” AWR said.   

The always perceptive Bannon reminded Hawkins that it might have been editor-at-large Ben Shapiro handing Pierce the Constitution on live TV. “When he did that, his producer you could tell was in his ear saying, ‘go to the commercial, go to the commercial, this guy is ripping your face off!'”    

Hawkins agreed with Bannon that was big, but also stated that back in August he was on with Mr. Morgan and, “I told him that we at Breitbart want women to be armed so that they can be able to defend themselves, their lives and their family lives. What was Piers’ response? He said, ‘I don’t want to see all women in this country armed.'” AWR explained that Morgan made the comment after he had just told countless stories in which women had protected themselves and their families from attackers by having a hand gun in their possession.